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Ohh yeah! This little pilgrim is back, after yesterdays 'intestinal armageddon'.
My poor friend Rach, has not been so lucky. She decided to bus ahead to Villaviciosa, and melt into some fresh sheets.
I however am more stubborn (perhaps crazy) and decided to attempt walking. I have this obsessive compulsion to finish what I start - down to the very last step. Most likely from fifteen years of highly competitive sport and hard training sessions which I threw myself into. Always believing the extra miles or the extra reps would make the difference, has become a way of life. I still feel a little buzz from it, and a sense of fulfilment. So…..yes……I walked solo, and let my body find its own pace.
To my complete surprise the more I walked the better I felt. I was refreshed, and powering on.
The morning was an array of rural surfing towns and deserted coastal inlets. The lush green corn crops meeting the intense blue ocean.
Later in the day a cloudy haze developed. This made the afternoon feel like twilight long before the sun had set. The walk was scattered with sights of stone walls,
maize stores, sleepy cattle, and rural vistas. .
With my new found energy I had been toying with the idea of ploughing all the way to Villaviciosa, however I pulled up after a respectable 32.5km. As I walked through the small village of Sebrayo nearing the end of the day I stumbled on an Albergue. Out front was a group pilgrims sitting together enjoying a twilight meal. I sensed a warm and genuine energy surrounding them, so pulled up and had a chat. I enquired if there was a spare bed inside, and sure enough there was.
I sat down at the table and joined this delightful array of faces from around the world. I met a Basque couple who were the ultimate pilgrims (this was their 4th Camino), a Finnish girl named Miria, a young German teacher named Nic, and a quirky Spanish guy called Juan. .
We laughed and worked our way between languages of Spanish, Basque, Finnish, German and English. So much getting lost in translation and so much being found. .
It was a wonderful energy in this hostel, in a tiny town, in the middle of nowhere.

FeLo (@funkyfelo)

To know exactly where you're heading and be simultaneously completely lost is a uniquely humbling experience.

Sebrayo, Galicia

Camino Norte 2017

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Nina Blokъ (@bloknina)

Un peregrina muy cansada.
Maravilloso lugar a la salida de Sebrayu, con una mujer estupenda que nos dio de comer y nos invitó a descansar.
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Ruth van Giffen (@ruthvangiffen)

He doesn't even look tired. I'm pooped. Somewhere between #sebrayo and #villaviciosa at Rosa's Place #caminodelnorte

Ivan Sanchez Meana (@ivansmeana)

Ya empieza ha sentirse el frio, #mavic #specialized #gijon #polasiero #sebrayo 75km con pajaron incluido

butterflyandzebras (@firat.kuscu)

Passed the half way, today at Sebrayo, tomorrow 27km more walking for Gijón... #elcaminodesantiagodelnorte #sebrayo #spain