Robin Hess (@bankrobbin)

Alright guys, check it. @gentandjawns are coming to The Underground! Congrats to my friend @tazzdx2 , the owner of Safe Escape Events. This guy is doing big things over here and I'm excited to see where this company goes in the course of the next year. In celebration of this event, #safeescapeevents has put together a playlist on Escape Radio, featuring the artists playing at this event. You can check out the playlist and event info here.

Shoutout to respect my region for giving me an outlet to create some wicked awesome content and help me combine some of my favorite things in the world, music, writing, and cannabis. (If you're in Spokane on the 2nd, go check out RMR's event, 'The Joint Effort'). I'm blessed to be able to share with you guys and bring a little happiness to a few peoples lives while doing what I love! Honestly, without outlets like these, I'd probably just spend all day smashing rocks together or binge-watching old episodes of MASH while crying and eating ice cream straight from the tub.
Also, shoutout to my friend Jackson Wells AKA Quackson who will be performing at this show as well.

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