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Starting a journal has been an incredibly powerful vehicle for developing myself. I use it to keep tabs on my goals, habits I am working on, focuses for the week or month. I notice a direct correlation to greater clarity throughout my day, and how often I am checking in with this journal. #journey #buildyourself #masteryourself #selfactualization #masteradd #masteradhd #unbeatablemind #clarity #meditation #soul

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#selfactualization: Let’s start with anger and denial...let it goooo let it goooo! πŸ˜‚ happy Monday people.Keep a smile on and keep God first.let go and let ❀️ #everydaylesson#mondaymotivation#love#life#learn#growing#growth#vibes#selfawareness#happyholidays#merrychristmas

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Just a little #MondayMotivation to put things into #perspective πŸ’š Check out the latest blog post on being honest with yourself || Link in Bio!

Rebeka Ghosh (@rebel_art.rebeka)

" Where to go? "
" kahan jaun? But jana toh karoori hai "

So Ooty, Poducherry, Aurangabad, Mumbai was in my mind already. But didn't have much time left to book Train tickets right? So.. was still unsure. July 2017 mid- *came back to Hyderabad* *still unsure about living and breathing πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚* *somehow gained confidence*
Booked the bus ticket to PUNE @10dulkar_pooja 's place.
Jabardasti trying to live life basically lol.
Guess what? Got down around 5 :30 am on August 9 and watched my first sunrise at Pune πŸ’œ Next? @10dulkar_pooja and I were obviously so excited that we went to a small trekk at ARAI TEKDI immediately (find the image in the gallery πŸ˜‰) We came back. Cooked. Went to @akkiksagar 😎 Pune ka famous trekker ( @trekkerbugs )
1st day- Trekk , meet at SHANIWAR WADA, My first proper Pav Bhaji and Modak πŸ’œ

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sketching little character faces. trying to shift into the habit of drawing any idea I have, constantly.
working on it.

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Christ Consciousness - nothing about being religious here, just knowing we have the power to walk on water if we choose - and everything in between.
He came as an example, not as an idol.
White Ink, Black Paper
Custom orders on any of the showcased art pieces on our Instagram is also available for order outside of our current Art Collection for β€œGenesis”. Go to our website and email us through our contact page.
Link in bio

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Moment of appreciation✌️ ❀️ Not a lot of people will understand the depth of your own thoughts. #Blackfeegures #BlackDoll❀️ #selfActualization #Silence #Peace #Nature

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πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸ§πŸ§πŸ§πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡ β€” #Repost @gvoquotes
Great lessons from the year by @vexking! ❀️ what’s your favorite?β €
-β €
Scroll and read it all. Following @vexking is a must for a positive life πŸ’« Tip: read his captions 😍

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I think about this often. Looking at my parent’s life and experience at my age. Totally different experiences, sacrifices and privileges. So thankful for the luxury of freely searching.
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Go to iTunes and type Mama's House to the Penthouse and thank me later. Also, check us out on video on YouTube at the link below.β €
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Your standards should be formulated with the foundation of mental awareness and never-ending growth: start with what you β€œbelieve in”, then find a way to practice it within every single day of your life. All else, especially relationships of any kind, will fall into place; never do it the other way around. Finally, you can always re-evaluate what you β€œbelieve in”. πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸ§πŸ§πŸ§πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡ β€” #Repost @uqusha
#goodmen#inspiration#relationshipgoals#word#deep#rare#knowyourworth @rhsin πŸ”₯

Mo πŸŽ©πŸ¦‡ (@meedoologist)

It usually takes one special β€œincident” or β€œsomeone” to help you β€œsee” what was always right in front of and deep within you. πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸ§πŸ§πŸ§πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡ β€” #Repost @jmstormquotes
In My Head is available through Amazon.
#jmstorm #jmstormquotes #inmyhead

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Self Actualization through physical and mental strain. Quickest way to find out what kind of person you are is through physical and mental strain. What kind of person are you? #motivationmonday #fighter #conqueror #king #whoareyou #selfactualization #motivation #life #bodybuilding #dream

Christine Anderson (@beingchristinemarie)

Good morning!
Have you seen it before... "you must find balance in your life...", or read it in a self-help book entitled "Creating Balance in Your Life?"
That is what I heard for many years, but could never achieve. Not because I didn't try, but because I was using the wrong mindset and the wrong word!
There is NO WAY to give everything even distribution in your life. I know that may seem taking the word too literally, but I tried to give everything and everyone an equal amount of whatever they needed, and I never found time for me.
When I learned to HARMONIZE my life, I learned to remove those things that do not work or fit. Bad relationships (regardless of who it was), had to go. Conversations with NO PURPOSE had to go. Holding on to THINGS had to go (time to clean out the closets), saying YES when my first thought was no, and the list goes on...
I couldn't have harmony, if I was stressed about people and situations.
Healing and being whole, requires a consistent life of doing what is best for you and others around you.
When I allowed HARMONY to exist in my life, I found time to add going to the beach in the morning, working on my business, homework, spend time enjoying my kids. I added taking time out for me. Yes, I removed those time and energy consuming things and people.
Walking in my purpose allowed me to recognize those things that would hinder progress.
So on this journey, have you found your PURPOSE? Are you ready to bring HARMONY into your life? The last question is always the most difficult... Are you ready to remove something or someone from your life to allow harmony to exist? You will never get to the fun stuff if you keep everything that has hindered you...

Chandra Michelle (@etherealvisionary)

Good Morning All!!! Today’s card is positively...positively... I’ve got nothing, not sure what I was trying to go for with that one. Anywho, let’s jump right into it, shall we?πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
β€’First Thing: So we’ve reached the tail end of the year and many of us are thinking πŸ€” about and planning our 2018 goals. We’re trying to decide what we want to accomplish, who we want to be, and the overall vibe of the year. As we move into 2018 we’re going into a 2 year. This is a time for deepening patience and understanding of πŸ€—ourselves. Next year we will more easily feel the integration of our physical and spiritual lives, and the Divine Feminine will be the governing energetic signature for us all. So what does all this mean?πŸ€” It means that we have got to slow🐒 the fuck down, so Mama can learn us something. We have to be patient with ourselves, our process, our energy. This year was a task master year, anything you set out to do, 🀨if you stuck with it, you accomplished it!🀩 Spirit is now giving us the gift πŸ’ of time, time to figure us out, time to notice the subtle changes in our personalities, time to recognize the teachers πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ« all around us. We will have plenty of time to connect into ourselves and make important connections with others. Which leads me to the importance of today’s card. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
β€’Second Thing: Are you struggling to find your goals for the coming year? πŸ€” Are you feeling kinda blocked in terms of envisioning the life you want? πŸ€” Or are you new to his manifestation thing altogether? πŸ€” It’s okay, because this card holds the answer: Positive Energy! 🎊 In focusing on maintaining the flow of positive energy we push out the negativity that is blocking our ability to clearly see what it is that we want. 😟 So how do we do this? You have to go on what Doreen Virtue and others have called the β€œNegativity Diet”. πŸ˜‚ It crack me up every time, because the name is so cute but it’s so effective and turning your life around. Limiting and/abandoning negative πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ gossipy conversations, low vibrational music, people, situations, and thoughts. And for the love of ALL the Gods πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ