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💭 When The Only Place You Can Tell Youve Lost Weight From Is Your Fingers Because Your Rings Now Don’t Even Fit Your Thumb 😂 🤔

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There are hashtags that are used only for searching in your profile. They are called rubrics. For example, # roses_flowershop, where flowershop - the name of your account, and roses - what exactly do you want to show on your profile.

Tags with the topic of the post. You score the tag in the Instagram search engine and all posts on this topic will be released.

Tags with a thematic photo. Not the fact that the text of the post coincides with the photo. So put the tag to both the text and the photo.

In Instagram there are many different communities of interest, that is public. These public posts have their own tags, which users write under their posts. The publishers on these hashtags select the best photos, publish them at their own site and provide a link to the author. Wonderful advertising is obtained! And it's free!

There is also a kind of hashtag of the event. They are visited by guests and organizers of the event. And if suddenly you have a great photo with a same hashtag, the organizer can place it in your account. Hashtag events can also be useful for MF and ML.

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Bonsoir ce soir soupe maison pour avoir des forces et ce réchauffer avec ce froid
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