RaShaunda Fuller (@mysocialmentors)

Love you like it's urgent than a __________!

Jack Rayfield (@jackrayfield)

This used to be me but these days I know what I'm worth and don't mold myself to fit other people. So you either fit my crazy, awkward, self destructive but forward thinking, family orientated, geeky, food loving, perverted, alternative loving arse or you don't and should go find someone who fits you!

🐘🌿 RENEE ROSE ❂❁✭✩~* (@reneerosina)

This made me happy ✨ I hope it does the same for someone else tonight 🌙 x

RaShaunda Fuller (@mysocialmentors)

You'll thank yourself for it later. Shady business practices won't get you the results that you're looking for. No matter what "they say". Be honest. Tough it out. It's hard. But it's right. And if it's right, it'll pay off. Don't lie to get business. Don't exaggerate. Don't embellish. Don't take the "Oh, everyone is doing it" route. Be different. That's how you EARN respect and trust. And people do business with people they know, like and trust!

Heart Space Astrology (@heartspaceastrology)

How often do you make Space to Love yourSelf?

God's Royal Assembly (@churchgra)

The existence of man does not diminish the relevance of a woman, don't limit yourself @smithnwangwa #SelfWorth

Jacklyn Ms. Applejacks (@mindwrites365)

The lies we believe about love ❤️❤️❤️And The way it should be. Some sort of even exchange, right? A deal we make under certain conditions. That looks like this and sounds like that. I LOVE you if you are being who I want you to be. If you are GOOD to me and make me feel better about myself. Then I will love you, but my primary focus is on what I am getting or not getting out of this .... LOVE. .
If I really love you, I want you to be happy. If I love you, I respect your feelings, even when I disagree with them. Why do we believe that when someone says the magic words "I love you" that they automatically sign some silent contract to meet our expectations. Now they "have to be"... in order to earn "The Love" that you "gave them" because you need a reason to justify it. .
Love doesn't hurt. Expectations hurt. We hurt from heartbreak because we are selfish. It's not about them, because if it was and you LOVE them. Then you want to see them happy. No matter what that looks like. It hurts because they are no longer providing a FEELING that you are not able give yourself. ❤️🙏🏾
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The Essex Socialist (@the_essex_socialist)

I don't think like a Tory, I don't believe a persons worth is measured by their earnings, I disagrees and my opinion is that for some work is not an option but that does not mean they should be left to rot, we are in the 21st century in what is described as a civilised society. I'm not a communist or a capitalist, I believe some things work better in state hands, these being the essentials to exist and therefore should be affordable and accessible for all and some things are better left in private hands and are what you would call non essentials, I guess you could say I am a democratic socialist although the Labour Party don't see it that way and booted me out 😂😂 #labourparty #tooleft4labour #neoliberalism #socialist #theessexsocialist #politics #selfworth #share #crapsystem

Z O E C O O P E R ♡ (@cleanandtuned)

ALWAYS remember this, especially when flicking through social media.
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