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Remember to find joy in everything you do - and everything will change! Click this link to take the FREE assessment to find out what might be holding you back!

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Because Coco Chanel knows what’s up 👏🏽 #bedifferent #bossbabes


Right now, you may be falling apart. But with that, you're also leaving behind the parts of you that were hurting you, holding you back, keeping you from your purpose and from the right people in your life.

Remember, time does heal all. And you will heal. The beauty of this healing process, is that you will be a completely different person coming out of it. You have been broken to the point that you cannot remain the same. You can never go back to who you were.

Don't be afraid of that change. Embrace it. You're one step closer to your higher self. .
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Consistency isn’t something I’ve had very often in my life. I’ve grown quite accustomed to change. So much so that I tend to forget to take care of myself in the process. I guess I’m hitting the New Years resolution a little early, but if you ask me it’s never too early to take care of yourself. Inside and out. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.”

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"When people say Herbalife doesn't work and it's a scam" ...
Thank God I know the truth 🙏🏾 thank God for my health/results, my families health, the major growth I've had by being apart of this amazing company, allowing me to put extra money in my pocket, legally lol, the amazing support the Herbalife community provides, and being surrounded by the dopest driven people I've ever met inside this opportunity. Thank you Herbalife!! 💚 #blessed

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I remember when I decided to move out on my own. My momma, with her amazing pearls of wisdom said you will get to know you are when you live alone. And boy was she right. When I got my first apartment, I had lots of time to learn about Ehmandah: who I was, what I wanted, what I needed to work on and so much. Throughout my journey, I learned that I was pretty amazing. So get to know who you’ll find out you’re pretty amazing too. #selflove #selfworth #selfie

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I’ve remembered every nice thing a person has said to me. I hold them deep in my bones and when I use up all the space there I’ll place them in the folds of my guts. I remember each one of their faces. How their eyebrows each danced differently. How each set of lips curled and stretched. How the eyes, oh the eyes. Every set of eyes speaking unlike the last. They all had an originated way of expressing each nice thing they felt the need to say to me. And I remember that. Every vowel every vocal tone. Each single twinkle in the glances of everyone who was genuine. And then I think of all the bad things I’ve ever had the carelessness to do. Every mistake, every self inflicted would, mental and physical. Every heart I crushed in my hands. Every drug I’ve put into my body. Every bad word I let leave my mouth about another. All of it rushed into my synapses, swallowing my thoughts and screaming into my ribcage until you can hear the cracking from each shrieking rattle. I’m too humble. Too full of pride to the point it comes up as my dinner or snack. I try to keep these nice words each soul has had the bravery to share to me. Try to painfully pull them out of their hiding places and shove them down my throat. I try to keep my posture and smile with a thank you. I want to really believe there’s a light I’m allowed to see because wether I believe it it or not people recognize it. I want to slice and pick axe and snap away this tumor of negativity that’s manifested itself into my heart. I want to feel in my bones every kind genuine thing people have given to me in speech. Maybe that’s why I place them deep in my marrow. In hopes. That damn hope, that one day I can look into a mirror and not seep with tears, but seep with smiles. And believe. Really believe.
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From today’s email👆🏻It’s almost the weekend socialites✨You tell the club bouncer that you’re a somebody..tell your the dreams the same👊🏻Click the link in my bio for today’s email and get your guide to maintaining your high-vibe in the hot club💁🏻#happygirlsdontstayhome

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Everything in life is temporary. So think MORE about what you do have and LESS about what you don’t. #enoughsaid #livewithintention #loveyourlifecommunity

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Remember the good things from your past, but don’t get stuck there. #TBT
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After class conversation with one of my clients who is just such a beautiful person inside and out.
Her drive and motivation is so strong. ✨
She’s been training with me for almost 2 years now and it’s been special to watch her turn her “I can’ts” into “I can!”; and how she prioritizes this time for herself. 💕
Working out should be fun!
It should be something you enjoy and look forward to.
Yes, sometimes it’s harder to make it out. Low energy. Busy days.
And starting a new routine up without FEELING the pay offs yet, can be the hardest.
Find what you love. Be open minded and give different activities a try.
Know that the pay-offs of feeling better, more energized, stronger...will come, stick with it long enough to find out.
And (I can’t say this enough), let your goals be about more than weight loss. Or balancing out calorie-intake.
It truly changes how the journey feels. There’s longer lasting motivation to be found in goals that don’t focus on a scale or measuring tape.
It truly becomes about lifestyle; about taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing; about wanting the best for yourself. ❤️
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