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Fake sd yap rat in a child stroller. This yap rat has no business in the mall because it's just a pet. This is so illegal #emotionalsupportanimals #emotionalsupportanimal #fakeservicedog #fakeservicedogs #servicedog #servicedogs

CA_Service_Dog_Registery (@caservicedogregistery)

I notice thses people that is threatening me are getting multiple ig accounts to go back to making death threats towards me and my SD. Do they know it against Instagram's TOS and rules that having multiple accounts is a big No No. I been reporting theses freshly made accounts to ig. I'm screen shooting the threatening comments and I will be turning it over to the cops. The cops told me they can contact ig and get these people's personal email and phone numbers and etc with a warrant. I told the police I want to bring charges towards these people. To be honest the reason the police are really involved in this it turned out one their captains has a autistic teen daughter with a SD that been bullied last year in the SD community and she also tried to kill herself. So thes people might be the very seem people. #servicedog #fakeservicedog #servicedogs #fakeservicedogs #emotionalsupportdog #emotionalsupportanimal #emotionalsupportanimals

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This is it. New week. New challenges. Now go out and get it.
Foster 100:

#weareteamfoster #noheroleftbehind #veterans #giveback #putinwork #sacrifice #serve #servicedogs #ptsd #fitness #justride #bikelife

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My friend who used to train service dogs told me to stop using a crutch like the prong and gentle leader. That I need to trust him and work him in a choke chain. He's been doing phenomenal in it. He hasn't whined at another dog on our walks. He'll glance over and when I say "leave it" he ignores the dog.

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Jumping into the new week!

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This dog is so smart. Even though the back door is often wide open during the day for the dogs to go in and out as they please, she rings the bell anyways so I see her go out and potty. She knows if I see her she gets a cookie. She's the one training me. 😂

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Treats that make a difference in the lives of veterans! 👍🏻❤️🇺🇸
@k9salute was founded by Jessica Harris, a retired Combat Medic, as a way to honor and remember our nation's K-9 heroes that serve in all capacities (military, law enforcement, fire, search & rescue, and the many service dogs that assist people in day to day life). K9 Salute was created as a small way to honor these heroic dogs and to give back to the veteran and police K9 communities. They will be donating and raising funds to help veterans get service dogs, and to help police departments get protective vests for their K-9's, purchase a K-9, or to provide additional funds for continuing training and equipment for K-9's within their department. Check out this amazing company that gives back!