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Here's what I think to Monday 😝. Thanks to @thenobraclub for sending this super cute top half way round the world it's so 😎, just what I wanted. As you can see the sun is still shining through and although it's late summer now here in Europe I have to wear this top, hot pants and heels today - just because I can 😜. Let's make a pact to be rebellious, do something wild, stick out our tongues and kick Monday in the ass 😆. Who's with me? âĪïļ&💋FFF
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My answer to @andalusa2d question: "In the manner of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, all books are about to be burned, you though have an opportunity to read one last book before they are consumed by flames. Which book would you choose and why?" I'd consider 3:
The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

The Golden Compass has the most willful girl character I've ever read, Lyra Belacqua, but I can't tell you how disappointed I was that in the next books she basically is a second banana to the male protagonist, Will. So I couldn't choose The Golden Compass, as much as I like it, because it will always remind me of the sequel, and it would upset me.

The Golden Notebook is one of my favorite books, and I love Doris Lessing because she was self-taught and that always fascinated me. But as much as I like The Golden Notebook, it's a very serious book, and if I lived in the kind of world Ray Bradbury envisioned, and I started telling my friends about The Golden Notebook, I think they would start brooding. No, what I'd read would be something that when I tell my friends about it, they would be on the edge of their seats eager to hear more. And that is "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell". This is the book I always turn to when I want to relax my head. And if I'm ever in the situation when all books are burned, including mine haha, then I would need to relax and find my Zen, so that's what I would read. But frankly, I think finding Zen in that kind of situation would be impossible.

I would count on other people to tell me about Plato, Schopenhauer, and all the other smart ones.

Enjoy the solar eclipse tomorrow!!
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