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"We celebrated, we achieved. We endured, we compromised. And above all, we loved."

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"Buy that ticket and travel into the unknown.

I think that the best time for millennials to travel is during the transitional period of when you have just graduated and waiting to become a full-time working adult. Before you embark on this all-important chapter in your life that will be devoid of free time, why not grab that backpack and experience the world?

Money should not stop you from having that amazing graduation trip of your lifetime, and you don’t need to deplete your bank account to do it. A small budget was all I needed for my 75-day trip across Western Europe and North Africa. While I lacked in finances, I gained so much more elsewhere. For one, I couch-surfed and through it, met so many people from different backgrounds, cultures and living in their homes and hearing their stories really inspired me. Till today, I am still in contact with them despite the time differences between our continents.

It is also funny how my couch-surfing hosts would often seek advice in their love lives since I am currently working as a dating consultant at Esync, a dating platform. It is also nice to keep each other updated on our lives and I even recently found out that one of my hosts was pregnant! Being on a backpacking trip has changed me in the way I think and my perspective on life and its opportunities and challenges. I definitely feel that there’s so much more possibilities to explore the huge world out there." -Rebekah

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When there's #smokedduck for sale at Cold Storage and you roasted enough pumpkin to feed a tiny village. Lunch is (de)served. #sgvscocam #sgvsco #vscophile #vscofood #vscocam #vsco #foodstagram #sgig #homemade #foodporn #duck

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Share your joy with us as you say "I do" at Nassim Hill! Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll take care of the rest: πŸ’πŸ’•

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The Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is such a beautiful place to visit. So many dogs being walked for those who love seeing them scurry around with their owners. The greenery is the outstanding part. #lookouttoday
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