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When you are running low on supplies and they finally get the new bar back in stock, Christmas is when that beautiful brown box shows up at your doorstep! #chocolatecoconutalmond #dairyfree #isalifer #feedme #hydrateyoself #shakesfordays #ionix #mommyshappyjuice

Cat Thompson 💍💫 (@curious_catty)

Could do with this right now 👌🏻

f r a n c e s c a r o m a n o (@faromano8)

It's been a super lazy Thursday's morning over here. These girls just want to chill with daddy's since he's been working nights recently so these mornings we've been soaking up the family time. But.... if you are anything like me, lounging around, and relaxing can often make you "bored hungry" right?! Mornings like these use to cause me to eat and eat and eat, with no end in sight 🙅🏼 not today me not today! Armed with my superfoods shake, cause we got GOALS babes 😘 happy almost Friday 💕

Coach Mandie (@ulti_fit_mandie)

Forgot to post this yesterday 😂 super forgetful Mandie like usual!!
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Caitlin Kupp (@livingfitngreen)

When your shake matches your counter add a fruit bowl😜

Today's shake:
- 1/2 banana - 1/2 orange - 1 cup unsweentened almond milk
- few chunks of pinneapple - spoonful of powdered chocolate on
- scoop vanilla shakeology - ice
#shakesfordays || #fruitlove

Tierney Stewart (@tierneystewart)

Huge should out to our friend, Ryan Sawyer. He uses the same nutritional system that I use. His health & wellness journey completely blows my mind! 💣💣 Ryan says, "During the most difficult times of my life, my weight fluctuated, I was extremely irritable and had a really hard time sleeping. I met a wonderful couple that was fit, happy, and healthy. I trusted them right away. They shared a nutrition program with us that they thought could help. I said yes and began my journey. As you can see in the pictures below, everything changed for me. Not only on the outside but I experienced a complete mind, body and spirit transformation!"
. . .

#transformationtuesday #isaforlife
#superfoodnutrition #isaforthewin #nutritionalcleansing #shakelife
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Tierney Stewart (@tierneystewart)

This shake is my absolute favorite flavor and it's only seasonal. 😯 I found a local friend who ordered too many and she was looking to trade! 😁😁 This is a complete meal replacement that has 24 grams of undenatured whey protein, 11 amino acids, 6 probiotics, 60 essential micronutrients, and a whole lotta YUM!
I am a happy girl! . . .

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Such an amazing product that not only does it taste delicious, but it's vegan, plant based and it's heat stable so you can bake amazing protein muffins, protein snack bites, the possibilities are endless! Comes in vanilla and chocolate 😊Try it for 90 days and get my discount!!! What cha waiting for?
#itworksveganshake #shakesfordays #healthyliving #itworks💚 #ladyboss #momboss #bossbabe #lovetheseproducts

BIG Picture Cycling (@bigpicturecycle)

Our favorite breakfast shake recipe!

20-30g protein powder
1/2 banana
1 Cup frozen mixed berries
1 TBS Almond Butter
Top off w/ H2O and blend

Protein serving relative to each individuals muscle mass. Fruit included for energy to kick start your morning. Almond butter serves as fat/sugar combo to encourage burning fat as an energy source first thing in the morning. Recipe courtesy @pfc_nutrition!
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When you food prep for more than 1 person you fill every available shaker bottle you have! #2daysupply3tops #shakesonshakesonshakes #shakesfordays #foodprep #foodplan

ANNA🌿 (@livingesencia)

What is a 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse? Basically it's a "reset" for your digestive system so that it can function at its maximum potential. 😬
•It's not about starving yourself, just reducing the intake of food for a short period of time. The awesome products that make up the Cleanse provide nutrients to support your body during the 5 days...no wasting away here folks!💪🏼
• It's really easy to follow because YL has written out a plan with steps for each day (hint: it's the same routine for 5 days😉).
• This is not a diet, or a quick fix to magically lose weight deal. The Cleanse is intended to support healthy body functions in partnership with healthy lifestyle changes.
•WHY am I doing it? I decided to try it because I would like to reset my body. The last 7 months have been kinda roller-coastery and emotions can take a bigger physical toll on our bodies than we realize. Also, I believe in making healthy lifestyle changes, but don't think they always need to be extreme. It's about balance. So, this Cleanse is kinda extreme but it's only 5 days, and then I'll go back to eating a normal, balanced, healthy with the occasional Cheeto "diet". 😁👍🏼
Día#1: ¿Que es una Limpieza Nutritiva? Básicamente es un "reset" (reinicio) para el sistema digestivo para que puede funcionar óptimamente😬
• No se trata de morirse de hambre, sino reducir la cantidad que consumes por un tiempo. Los productos que vienen con la Limpieza ayudan a alimentar durante los 5 días...nadie se me muere aquí!💪🏼
• Es muy fácil seguir el plan porque Young Living ha escrito los pasos diarios para tomar. (Una pista: son iguales para todos los días 😉)
• Este regimen no es una dieta, ni algo mágico que te hace adelgazar rápido. Está para apoyar las funciones saludables de nuestros cuerpos en conjunto con cambios en la manera de vivir.
• PORQUE lo hago yo? Me gustaría hacer un "reset" en mi cuerpo. Los últimos 7 meses han sido un poco terremoto y las emociones tienen un impacto físico más de lo que sabemos. Y, también porque creo que es importante hacer cambios en la manera de vivir pero no siempre tienen que ser del extremo. Se trata de moderación. (Sigue abajo)

Tineesha McKay (@tmac.3)

"Lets see a big smile, think about something exciting" "Oh like the nap I'm gonna take and all the food I'm gonna eat after this, say no more" 😀🍕🍟🍦📸--P.E.P. #38weeksvibes #foodislife #myhusbandisababe #timetogetoutofmebabygirl

Amanda Zawalick (@amandazfitadventure)

"Personal training is too expensive"
You get what you pay for and it's worth every damn penny! Shaking, sweaty, I'm dead ☠️ I couldn't chug this protein shake fast enough 😂

Kayla Reese (@kayla_m_reese)

My lunch situation right now... actually every day 😉 I never get tired of the way these shakes taste and how they make me feel 💪🏼
❓Did you know that the healthiest option on the Wendy's menu is a salad that's over 500 calories, 51 carbs and 1070mg of sodium 🤢 not to mention that our food is so nutritionally deficient these days. ❓Did you know that in 1997 you would have to eat 47 bowls of spinach to nutritionally equal one bowl of spinach in 1953 😱 and that study was done decades ago! ❗️Even the healthiest whole foods are stripped of vitamins and minerals because of pesticides, over cropping, soil depletion and so much more! ❗️These shakes take the guess work out of replacing those missing pieces! A nutritionally whole and balanced meal in just seconds. Packed with ALL the good stuff 🙌🏼
🍏Vitamins and minerals (23 to be exact) 🥜24 grams of HIGH quality protein 🍓Active enzymes that aid digestion 🥑Energy fueling carbs and good fats
What's in your lunch today?

Yia (@yiiaaa)

Today we celebrate Shakeology’s 8th Birthday!!!
Shakeology has been one of the most consistent thing I’ve done for myself. Here’s some reasons why its so awesome!
• It is packed with superfoods
• Convenient! Takes less than 3 minutes to make!
• Kills my junk food cravings
• Gives me so much energy!
• Lose weight at a healthy pace
• Supports digestion

Happy Birthday, Shakeology!
#shakeology #8thbirthday #superfoods #shakesfordays

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀cherisesutherland (@coachsuth)

Earlier this week I posted about CONSISTENCY ... consistency in your diet is just as important (if not more) than consistency in your workouts.

@shakeology has made being consistent so easy for me! My shake game has been on point and I wouldn't have the great mornings I do without my superfoods!
If you haven't tried Shakeology shoot me a message and we can get you a 7 day sample pack to try all the flavors!! Are you being consistent??

⚓️A B I S A N T I A G O🎀 (@absantiago2)

Vanilla Shakeology with some instant coffee ☕️! Afternoon pick me up!

Lyndsey Beaupre (@realfitlady)

I never post in black & white, but figured this would be fun. Guess what shake I'm drinking today?! And guess what color these leggings are?! Here's a hint: they are each a favorite of mine. #humpdaygames #nohumpinginvolved #guesstheflavor #guessthecolor #herbalife #lularoeleggings #shakesfordays #nowifitinTween #joinme #coachLyndsey

Carly Simpson (@gettingfit_gettingmarried)

When the kids aren't eating homemade pizza and you give them the option of a chocolate shake and they jump for joy!!!! It's so nice not to think twice because I know they are getting so much nutrition from it!!! #momwin #shakesfordays #healthychocolateshake #veganshake #itworksveganchocolateshakes #itworks💚 #momboss #ladyboss