Courtney Mcconnell (@courtney_mcconnell96)

Be kind on yourself! We are all beautiful in our own way and no matter what shape you are, your ethnicity, or where you're from! We are all the same but all of that doesn't matter unless we feel good; inside and out! 🌸This absolute STUNNER loved her life but loves it so much more NOW she started her journey to living a healthier life! 💜I know we are both thanking the person that introduced us to an AMAZING nutritional cleanse that has pushed us to make better choices and live a happier more positive life! 👙 #healthbuzz #30daychallenge #isa #bestfeeling #positiveliving #babe #shakesfordays 👙👙👙

Margaret Caddoo (@__mrs.caddoo)

Swapped my morning coffees for shakes & I feel so much better for it!! This mornings shake is hazelnut: 3 spoons herbalife french vanilla shake mix, 300ml coconut milk, 15g crushed hazelnuts & 4 ice cubes. Give it a go!! Need shake mix, hit me up 👌 #herbalife #shakesfordays #herbalifenutrition #herbalifelifestyle 🌱🌰✌️

Ariel (@arielmcdonaldfit)

Chocolate Cookie crunch and vanilla protein powder, oats, cottage cheese, peanut butter, ice, water, skim milk. Tastes like a no-bake cookie.
#errday #shakesfordays #jymarmy 😋 #givemealltheshakes #jymstoppani

Ashley (@ashe_nicole93)

Ughhh bike week is sooo close!! I just want Dr Pepper and cheeseburgers forget the tacos. #shakesfordays #watersucks

elissa rodriguez (@lissmarie87)

Finally something other than chocolate and banana!! #rocksdiscountvitamins#shakesfordays 🍓💕

Crystale Lind (@iron_cupcake37)

Recommended by @cwilson70 and holy crap was she right! This is an amazing protein. Great flavor, mixes well, and is low in sugar!! #caffeine #espresso #protein #chike #liftingfuel #mocha #almondmilk #shakesfordays

Pure Barre Bethlehem (@pure_barre_bethlehem)

Knees low heels up: that's the way we like to tuck! #purebarrebethlehem #shakesfordays

Athena V. 🌵☀️ (@tiny_gym)

I made it like I make most of my shakes. Milk and powder. Simple but still GOOD. I feel the fitness junky coming out lol. Get it @

Tiffany Matthews (@tiffany_matthews)

Healthy focus while I get things done!

❤️ Jessie P ❤️ (@jess_pellow1)

Thanks to @gear_sportswear for setting up my breakfast easily! Loving these guys! #gearsportswear #shakesfordays