Barbora Beshiu (@beshiu)

Seeing few students that are totally attracted to dancehall culture, trying their best with a discipline and with fire in their eyes, feels the best to share moments with them🌴🌴🌴 #baddfyah#dancehall#team#lovedanceschool#students#sharing#dedication#jamaica#kingston#happy#moments

Petit Plaisir | Madre & Hija (@petitplaisirpostres)

Un recordatorio que nos hace seguir adelante a las dos ☝🏼☝🏼

Carlyn Shaw (@strangerstofriends)

Dairy free, gluten-free, meat free lunch... definitely not flavor free, but technically free since a good stranger to friend treated me. The power of engaging conversation and a nutritious meal = priceless! 🙏😊❤️
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LifeEssentials (@lifeessentials)

A woman's best friend. Progessence Plus is a daily oil in my routine, and ladies, it's awesome use it extra one week a month to maintain sanity.😂 It is beautiful, and many like to use it instead of perfume! It's awesome for maintaining beautiful skin too!

goddessmila44 aka milamoki (@goddessmila44)

Light, Love & Good Vibrations needed please🙏May I ask y'all to open your hearts & forgive someone in your life today? My daughter & I have been homeless for months & finally found an affordable flat. The month-to-month Airbnb we've been staying in has told us he will hold our $600 deposit for 30 days after we check out despite assuring me it would be returned on day of check out. His reason is "because I can"😩 I don't know what kind of man hurts two women like this on purpose. I'm trying hard to forgive him for his utter lack of character & integrity but I need some help🙏 I figure if I can get a forgiveness chain going today that will help the world & maybe give me some peace over this. Ultimately his soul has to answer to God & I pray he becomes a better man than he is now🙏
#peace #love #forgiveness #enlightenment #lightworker #ascension #hope #prayer #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #vanlife #veganlife #sharing @2wholeminutes

Incubons (@incubons)

INCUBONS c'est aussi suer jusqu'à l'autre bout de la Grande Ile pour constater qu'une incubée a construit à partir de pas grand chose, un endroit d'exception, à la fois havre de paix et idéal de vie. Bravo Christina et toute l'équipe du @green_n_kool !
#greenNKool #NosyBe #visiterlafrique #igersmadagascar #risemadagascar #africa #dailyafrica #dynamicafrica #everydayafrica #everydaymadagascar #tierslieu
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Natalie Michaud (@nataliecmichaud)

Because I felt compelled to speak from 💓 this morning!
We need structure to create a frame of reference and ultimately develop long-lasting change As a Clinical Psychologist, I often talk about the benefits of structure when it comes to parenting your child. But it's also important to use structure as an adult to regulate our feelings and behaviors. It's not simply about eating healthy, exercising, taking supplements or shakes. ***It's the system that you build around it that makes it work!!! *** Without it, people tend to go back to their old habits so really it has little to do with what you put in your body and how many times you work out, rather it's more about the system or the approach you use to get there!
I did this thing back in college where I would use a food journal to record what I ate and guess what, it worked! At the beginning, it was more of an effort, but as I went on, I created a new structure and good habits started to flourish. The beauty of it is that it I didn't have to think about it, it just happened. Thinking brings negative feelings at times and we do not like to suffer. So those bad emotions feelings we have in addition to the difficulty of inhibiting what we like (aka exerting willpower) brings us down and what happens, we give up! It's not because we want to give up, it's because it gets to be too much work and often times people are already overwhelmed as it is.
WHY am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know that the reason you are failing is not because you are weak but maybe it's because you don't have right structure. I've noticed this pattern with my clients in therapy and I want to pass on this knowledge to you. I don't want you to fail again, I want to help you succeed once and for all-not only with weight loss but with other poor habits in your life. As long as you don't have the right structure in place, the more likely you are to fail! And then you become depressed and what you do when you become depressed? You get back to your old ways! The right mindset and emotional state are important points to consider when you want to make change! And I believe I can help you! 😙

Meryem İmre (@meryem_imre)

#pasaj#aynalıpasaj#pera#istiklalcaddesi#istanbul#mimari#hayat#alışveriş#passage#europeanpassage#shopping#architecture#status#city#life#travel#travelling#love#sharing#world#trip#tour#alone#beautiful#street#sociallife🎨🖌️"Avrupa Pasajı" olarak bilinen pasaj 1874 yılında inşa edildiğinde iç mekanda kullanılan aynalardan dolayı "Aynalı Pasaj" adı ile anılmıştır.📙This building which called " Aynalı Passage" because of the mirrors in the interior, was built in 1874 by architect Plugher. The European passage had been illuminated by gas lamps placed in front of the famous mirrors.
The European Passage is a living witness of the city's social history.