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I was listening to the Powerlifting University podcast with @jenthompson132, and the host asked her about any plateaus she's hit over the years. Jen commented on how she had come back from a broken ankle, blown out ACL, and pinched nerve in her neck that required surgery (all of which were actually water injury related, I believe). Then she went on to say, "I think the biggest thing that affected me is having kids. When you have small kids, your time is not your own and you're really tired all the time." She went on to say there was a 5 year period where she'd miss lifts and her number weren't really going up. This spoke to me and really got me to thinking of how since my youngest was born I've almost forgotten what it feels like to be fully rested. She's four yet still struggles with falling asleep on her own and often keeps me up to 10 or 11pm (last night at 11:45pm she was still asking me for water, telling me she couldn't fall asleep, asking me if I wanted to hear her snap... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…). Up until a year ago she had awful night terrors, and she still wakes me up at least once during the night. I get up around 4am most mornings to train and be back home before she and her big sister wake up for school. I'm not complaining by any means! I make it work (power naps and caffeine help) and I'm proud of how far I've come these past two years and finally making time to take care of myself and my health. But now I wonder just how much more progress I can make when my kid's schedule regulates and I can sleep on a normal schedule. 😊 Like Jen said, it's a lifestyle and "part of who you are if you're invested in it" even if gains are slower to come than they would be when you're full of energy, you still give it your all. #passion #momlife
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47.5kg x 12 x 4 sets after deadlifts, OHP and benching yesterday. Tracking every accessory movement and looking to add weight each time is another change/priority since euros and looking to make big progress on these. Want to get 55/60kgs for a 12 x 4 sets on incline DBs before worlds.