Jabaal (@jabaalofficial)

I Don’t push harder anymore,
I don’t feel the need to be stronger or better than anything but my ownself.
I stop, I sit down, I breathe
and Smile instead.
Chill, Calm down, Relax…
Sometimes That’s the most Courageous thing to do.
Doesn’t mean i’m not hungry,
or I don’t miss you
Did you sleep in a bed last night?
Are you happy and love yourself?
Appreciate what you're living at the moment,
And put the proper attention on it.
Know that right now, somehow,
You are living the Best time of your Life.
So love it, cherish the good and the bad,
Ups and downs.
Life is good no matter what
It is One and you are the most part of it.
I have a Good Life, i’m healthy and Free.
That is one thing for sure.
Everything else is extra
I will always look up no matter what.
Look up to my Dreams and wishes,
Look up to my Feelings and
What my heart’s saying
Look up to my beloved ones
Most of all, Look up to God & Look up to Myself.
Even though don’t let anybody and anything on this earth take that away from you
Never look down on anybody,
Never look down on my blessings,
Never look down on myself.
To contemplate beauty in everything and never be contemptuous of it.
Only your heart and intentions count.

Photo credit : Julien Moreau @junoless

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