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After hearing about my friends finishing their courses in University today, finding out they've passed even a few be going into Graduation, made me remember how I felt when I passed my HND course.

For those that are new I uploaded a picture of my final year of my HND Computing course....i think 2-3 months ago but if ya swipe right its there dont worry lol

As i said before my HND course was alright as much as it sucked bout the 3rd year with lecturer leaving without a notice, told to send off our final year project roughly a week til the end as well as lecturer not doing their job right.... But that don't matter, see what matters is that I passed my course despite those shitty moment and you know what, I felt good bout it. Got a Pass mark but its a Pass for the whole thing as well as my Graduation....probably another time folks 😂😂 So this is pretty much my certificate to say I've passed. 🤘🤘☺️ Shoutout to all my friends who have passed as well as the ones who followed me that are still in studying ☺️☺️
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