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MOOD for the rest of 2018 & —> ✨ .
The amount of gratitude I have for everything that has led me to this point in my life is unexplainable. God truly has your back. If something is happening in your life and you can’t understand why, think of the most recent thing you asked God for. God is helping you to grow into that person who can receive what you prayed for. Never believe you’re lost or alone. Everything is according to HIS plan and he’s with you the entire way. ♥️

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Finally got the long term review done on my awesome Magura MT5 brakes! I won't say too much as I don't want to give the game away so you'll just have to check it out in the link in the description! #magura #magurabrakes #maguramt5 #reluctantrider #MTB #mountainbike #mountainbiking #mountainbiker #enduro #enduromtb #xc #crosscountry #downhill #bikes #ride #shred #dailyshred #trails #trail #singletrack #downhilli #dh #downhillmtb #downhillbiker #sick #awesome #biken #biking

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There is no need to make your fitness journey so complicated. You can make a huge difference to your lifestyle by doing two things and then promising yourself a third.
Firstly, work your butt off in the gym or your fitness class. Give it 100% for an hour rather than 50%. However even if you do give 100%, you can’t out train a bad diet, leading to this next point....
Secondly, eat healthier. You haven’t got to be a calorie counting maniac (like me) or be the next Jamie Oliver to nail this one. Eat a combination of fruits and veggies, a decent protein content, healthy fats and don’t eliminate all carbs! Still enjoy the naughty foods you love 15-20% of the time. Stay very hydrated. No weight loss? Eat a little less or move a little more. Pretty simple.
Thirdly, do this everyday and keep it consistent. Not for a month and not for 6 months. Make it your brand new lifestyle.
That’s it. Three things. No special pills, no special powders, no special fat burners. Ignore the myths such as, no carbs after 6pm or YOU MUST eat every 2 hours. -
Do the three MOST IMPORTANT things and you’ll be just fine. This picture is relevant as it’s Tuesday and on Tuesdays we show transformations (Instagram fitness kinda thing) The above physique, achieved in 12 weeks for my show last April. Damn it was worth it 🙌🏼
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I’ve been doing some reading lately and thought I’d share 5 factors of successful people. Check out my story to find out what they are!

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Day 9 of 80 ✔️

I sure do wish everyone could feel the tightness in my abs, booty & thighs! It's hard to believe that you can see these types of results in such a little time. But you can, when you put your mind to it. I haven't worn these leggings that often, just because when I'm relaxed I always saw the dreaded muffin top spill over. Well, I didn't today!! They're sitting much higher on my waist, which tells me, I'm toning this area!! Awesome sauce!!! When I tell you that you should be hopping on board with me, I'm not kidding!!! Come on, lets do this!! Like, comment, or message me to get started.

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You can’t out train a bad diet! Three children and my age means I may have to work harder than my younger counterparts but when you focus then results will come. Not the most exciting but macros met! #caloriedeficit #shred #onit #protein #carbs

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My body will listen to what my mind tells me i can do 💯 Im leaving it no other option 💪🏾 #earnyourbody #trusttheprocess fitness #fitnessmotivation #whatwaist #waist #snatched #beinspired #befit #healthierme #blackgirlsworkout #fitsis

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Awesome review by @guitarandgearaddictsanonymous
Check out his page and also @gibsunday for awesome guitar and gear content!
#Repost @guitarandgearaddictsanonymous
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I got sent this gorgeous pick to try out from @stoneageguitarpicks and I'm in love. This isn't your typical Stone pick. This one is roughly the size of a jazz pick but just a tad larger. From the first moment that i used it it felt great to use. I've enjoyed using it so much that i haven't been able to put it down and have carried it in my pocket with me in case i stop into somewhere to do some guitar browsing. This pick produces an earthy tone with a pronounced attack and actually has a surprising brightness depending on which techniques you employ.This is one of the only Stone picks I've ever been able to play metal with and pull off pinch harmonics with ease. While playing the smoothness makes it easier to switch up pick positions from djenty rhythmic strums held at the rear of the pick to staccato tremolo picking choked up towards the tip. Definitely do yourself a favor and try one of these ASAP. I'm pretty "picky" about picks (pun! Lol) and this is definitely now in the top 3 of my favorites.

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Tb to when my cardio was alpine lake swims 💫🌊💫 #gymshark66

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Have fun. Take risks. Always wear a helmet!

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👆 🤙
🔥The Shredsational, Marty Friedman, performing his blisteringly shredlodic rendition of the Sayuri Ishikawa track, 'Amagi-Goe', at the @emgpickups studios👍🎸🔥Tag a fellow shredder who will enjoy Marty's performance as much as us👍🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥
#martyfriedman @martyfriedman #masterofshred #amagigoe #guitarist #guitarplayer #shredder #shred #shredguitar #guitarshred #musician #megadeth #cacophony #metal #rocknroll #guitarlife #guitarsofinstagram #skill #arpeggio #guitarhero #guitarsolo #amazing #monday #guitarrista
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