Cee Cee The Foster Pup (@cecil_the_duke_of_length)

A little update for you all: I'm still with my foster mama, I got looked at a few times but I haven't found my perfect people yet... Mama has to go get some dumb thing called an education far away in Montreal, so grandmama is gonna look after me until she goes to Europe (pshh sounds lame to me). Anyways, my wonderful greyhound rescue continues to help me search for my forever home 🏡🐾 I sure hope I find my people soon -CeeCee
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Natalie Hast & Ferry (@hastnatalie)

Ferry känner sig nu hemmastadd i vår lilla stuga på fjället ⛰️ regnet öser ner så vi hoppas på bättre väder för våra kommande utflykter ☀️ #ferrythedog #hundenferry #vinthund #vinthundarpåinstagram #sighthound #sighthoundsofinstagram #galgo #galgosofinstagram #sosanimalssweden #sosanimalsspain #fundationbenjaminmehnert #idrefjäll

Sanny G (@sanny__g)

My sweet Keli... When she was rescued from the perrera (around 10 months old) and brought to Belgium, she was beaten up so bad she had organs hanging out of her vagina. So she had surgery to fix it. I don't have any further info about this medical issue. Yesterday I went to the vet because she seemed to have an infection at her vagina. The vet told me she has a string, from the operation back then, that wasn't removed and will surely cause a lot of irritation 😥 She's almost 8 now, so has lived with this for 7 years... The poor girl is getting a new operation next Monsay to remove it. I'm already very stressed about it because the anesthesia is a real struggle with her extreme anxiety and I don't know if the string is attached to any organs 💔

Elsie The Whippet (@elsiethewhippet)

Did you see Buggles looking pretty in her new @hiroandwolf collar we sent?! 😍 Human nearly fell off the chair when she saw it, totally made our day!! Looking strong and regal 👊🏼#teambugglesmcfuggles #badgeforbuggles #freethegalgo 💛