Davinn Suos (@dav512)

Been looking for a father figure all my life to finally see him on the other half of the mirror...
#bestdadever #inspiring #montrealstyle #doubletapthatass #sillycaption #hadtomodifyit

Kim Burrows (@kimboburrows)

"Something witty about balls between her legs" #sillycaption #boomerang #bowling #sundayfunday

Chanchal (@mayushi_)

Babe: Please wait! I want a photo with you. Eagle Ray: Ain't nobody got time for that. 😂😂😂. #sillycaption #sealifemelbourne #Mrtryinghisbesttopose #heissillybutilovehim #nepali #melbourne

Ollie And Kallie (@ollie_kallie)

I'm I a funk cause my hoomans are panting a room and I don't get to be in there with them! I'm right outside the door, but what if a burglar gets in there and kills them? Or even worse, another dog gets in there and takes there attention away from me forever!!! hey, it could happen! STOP PANTING THE ROOM AND COME AND LOVE ME!!!

This Mortal Glenn (@albinogrimby)

Here are entries for last week's Caption This! in which Kamiko says increasingly outlandish and crazy things while wearing a cowboy hat. To read this week's comic follow the link in my bio! If you like my work follow me on Instagram!

prajakta (@prajakta410)

Well you only need the light when it's burning low....
Only know you love her when you let her go...
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Joakim Birkeland (@joabir)

Chief: Ok, so we got roofs.
What material should we build the church with?
I heard our stoneworker, Ragnar, had some great ideas. Anyone seen him?
Carpenter: He is on the bottom of the la.... ehm.. i mean... No. Have not seen him. *cough*
Chief: Well, then lets build it completely out of wood.
Carpenter: $$$$$$