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Deepika’s New Badass Cop👮🏻‍♀ Look Is a Welcome Change From Padmaavat👸🏻 Deepika Padukone’s period drama Padmaavat will finally see the light of day on January 25. And while she is gearing up for that, new photos of her badass avatar from an ad shoot in Mumbai have surfaced on social media.

Dressed as a cop, Deepika can be seen wearing a crisp white shirt and khaki pants which is a welcome change from her regal looks in Padmaavat and the film’s promotions. Relaxing on the bonnet of a jeep with a neatly tied bun, looks like with her new look, Deepika is all set to give her alleged beau Ranveer Singh some tough competition considering we also saw Ranveer’s cop look a few days ago, in the poster for his upcoming Rohit Shetty film Simmba. The pictures are a clear proof of the fact that Deepika has it in her to nail every look that she takes up.

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#RohiShetty on #RanveerSingh character in #Simmba. 😎
يقول المخرج #روهيت_شيتي عن دور #رانفير_سينغ في فيلم "#سيمبا" ليس كـ تشولبول باندي 😎
طبعاً دور رانفير بيكون ضابط شرطي فاسد 👮🏻
وراح يكون معاه زميل ضابط شرطي يحب الصدق والاخلاص 😁
ورانفير راح يتعرف على بنت ويحبها وراح يتغير ويصير خوش واحد ومحترم وصادق ومخلص 😁
عاد اول ما نزل البوستر قالوا ان كان يقلد بوستر سلمان حق فيلمه دابانغ 😅