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Se il sole non c’è , cercalo dentro te☀️ #today 😜

Queen Amar (@queen_leleah)

There is power in numbers, power in the people. How LOVELY it is to see people stand tall for their good, healthy beliefs. How BEAUTIFUL it is for people to defend against perils that may not directly impact them, yet still affect them enough that they proactively speak up and act. How MARVELOUS it is that I have many kinds of friends and family, of varying races, nations, tongues, backgrounds, careers, income levels, mindsets, religions, both Trump supporters and Trump non-believers who encourage, love, and care for me regardless of my looks and personal beliefs. I do not support vandalism nor violence (except when absolutely extremely necessary...which is subjective...). I do support love, wisdom, intelligence, mental health, spiritual health, physical health, equality, justice, and liberty for all.
I learned the hard way during active duty US Army service that speaking out honestly about experiences or observations does not always fair good outcomes for the truth teller; especially when it’s not the majority/ the person of greatest power/ the party with the strongest political backing. Typically those who speak with motions to redirect current order (counter cultural ideas) even when evidence based, are pushed down, out, or away to a place of less influence on greater awareness/ change. Trump's personality, actions, mental, and emotional profile makes me believe that the words and actions that anyone (celebrities, reporters, leaders, politicians, educators, government officials, common folk, laypeople, etc.) take against him will not be taken lightly, detest him to the core of his being, and will be remembered by him. Meaning to me that certain actions do not seem likely to directly bring positivity into the present, other than that all your actions matter and work to re-distribute the energy and power of the world. I am thankful for all the different people in the world. I am thankful for unity. Prayers and highest energies for the best for all.

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Too many people say "Someday I will be able to pay off my debt." "Someday we will be able to take our family Dream vacation." "Someday I will be able to stop working my full time job." "Someday I will save up at least $1000 in my savings for those <Just in case> times." "Someday I will live out my dreams!" We only have One life, in which we would live it to the fullest. Full of Joy, passion, Dreams, and all you keep putting on the back burner. Make Someday Your TODAY!!! Time to put that Someday on the FRONT of your list and Just Jump! Cross off your Someday things Little by little, One thing at a time!! TODAY is Your SOMEDAY! TODAY is YOUR DAY!!! 📲Text "Today" if you are ready to turn your Someday, into TODAY!"

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Reminder to keep your food bright, colorful and alive if you are meal prepping for the week ahead today
Also YAY you for planning and giving yourself the space to eat well this week🌿
Nothing is quite as important as filling your body with whole, nutritious food
Best form of self love I have never seen ✨#kitchenwitchlinds #kaleyeah

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Nursing School Prep.. 👩🏻‍⚕️💊💉 Studying & getting myself ready to take my Hesi Exam! 📝📚

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En toen was er eentje aan het spoken 👻 maar ik zou niets liever willen, want ook van deze momentjes genieten we samen 💗 #mybaby #family #kidscomefirst #love #naptime #cuddles #imadethis #mylife #mom #momlife #singlemom

Teresa Murray (@motivated_4_change)

I'm so proud of this guy!! He's been pushing hard to achieve goals and tackled one last night!
Through his transformation and sharing his journey with others he had a friend join the team!!! The first coach he gets to lead, motivate and inspire! She is so lucky to have you as her coach!
Nice job ... again I'm super proud of you!

RealestateGirl (@serenadimillo)

Even in our five inch heels it's easy for women to feel like they will always fall short.
Yesterday was my annual Re/Max West award ceremony. It was also the Women's March. Last night I was proud to once again accept an award for my efforts in real estate even though I spent half the year out of the country building a new business and the whole year raising my daughter by myself. Why is it I care for her 25 days a month against her fathers 6? "You never bring a date to these things" noticed a colleague. I do always bring a date, he meant I never bring a man. Of course I don't- men in business can bring a different "date" every time and no one will think less of them. Women can't.
So where are we now? Doors have opened and we have choices today that are grandmothers, and not even our mothers, had. Is a women capable of bringing to the table the same a man can bring? Are we equal? No.... "Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition."
Remember this, and remember even if each individual piece is harder for "us" than it is for "them" we have more pieces-
No man in this world could have made better arm candy, or company, than MY date 😉
We can do it, we can do it just as well, and we can do it in five inch heels and pregnant. They can't ❤️

Kati&Elias (@kirschschnee)

Miss You so much Sister ❤️