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I'm amielle (em-e-l) and I'm better than you 💜


go ahead and show yourself out of my life. 😩

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i just realised i accidentally spammed and finished my theme!! oh whales time for my next intro, model and neater feed.

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when he buggin and you wanna fight him for buggin but you know you too small to fight him so you fight the air @lowkeysleepin

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take what you want and go

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my cousin is sleeping over and she is snoring..

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Love isn't about someone you like because of their looks. Love is someone who will stay by your side forever. Someone who will sit by your side when you're at the hospital. Love is when a person tells you that they'll always be by your side. Love is when someone says " I will always love you no matter what" that's what I call love. You're soulmate is the love of your life. Someone you can see yourself in. Someone who will be there when you are lost and have found yourself. Love is when someone makes you smile, cry of joy and laugh. Love is when you settle down with someone. And make a family together. Love is the most powerful thing in this world. Love can ruin you or make you smile you're whole life. I truly think that I'll find the love of my life. I'm waiting for someone who can make me smile, laugh and someone who'll always be by my side when I need a should too cry on. And love is when you wake up to someone who truly means a lot too you is sleeping beside you. Your love wakes up the same time as you and starts to kiss you nonstop. My true love is near me, I know that I hope he knows it too. One day I will have a beautiful family with him. I'm excited too see my future.

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my body is tired but my mind is active!!

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Yo this is your guy Finn Hudson, a 18 years old straight guy that is gonna join the army. I have some friends but there's no limit so dm me! I'm single and why not, searching because my last relationship was a hell tbh. My best dudes ever are Mike Puck Sam and Seb. Then i have the 69squad and shit. Well comment for a tbh/fop
And hmu 💗 comment also where to be tagged if you want.

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this theme is ending soon!

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LIKE FOR A TBH from this faggot because i'm bored as fuck :)
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[comment your name letter by letter for a tbh]
adrianna, or adri for short
texts back too fast
in need if new friends so hit her up

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Ally Gomez
A 19 year old fashion designer from London. She loves helping out others, making new friends, makeovers, Justin Bieber, Disney, food and travelling.
She's currently single and looking. She would like some friends so hit her up.
Credits to @introaesthetic

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My toes are super cold and I'm already wearing three pairs of fluffy socks.

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publicly saying i love ryan in a total heterosexual way 😜😜😜😜😜😜