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Definitely contemplating a career change. Carli, This Life Of Mine, Secretary, Blogger, Lunatic, Accomplished Poet.... #inspirationalquotes

Susana Blanco (@susana_garciablanco)

(English below)
Cuando veo esta foto veo todo eso
Antes sentía mucha pena por mis serrs queridos cuando la vida les golpeaba con grandes retos. Despues de atravesar unos cuantos yo misma, ahora me pregunto que fuerza nueva adquirirán, cuanta belleza encontrarán en su interior; me pregunto que territorios de la consciencia explorarán, que regalos traerán de ellos para todos nosotros.
Te quiero Inga. Y te admiro. Tu fuego es tan intenso, brillas como las estrellas en la noche oscura.

When I see this picture I see all that.

I used to feel really sorry for my dear ones when life hit then with strong challenges. After going through a few myself, I now think about how strong they will become, how much beauty to encounter; I wonder which territories if consciousness they will explore, which gifts will bring for all of us.
I love you Inga. And I admire you. Your fire is so strong, you shine like the stars in the night

By ⚜️Ruth Marquez⚜️ 🌹♥️ (@thefearlessfemale)

It’s our BIRTHDAY!! ✨🥂

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This 4 hour event will provide an opportunity to meet and mingle with other lovely women who are also looking to expand their social circle. As always, we have amazing giveaways lined up for you, and all attendees will be leaving with a gift bag filled with love. •

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Tammie x Léa (@tammie_x_lea)

We finally met 👯!! Lea kept saying' So cute! It's baby!!' and wanted to hold her kiss her and sleep with her 🙂 #sisters #petiteseour #sisterhood #firstmet #bonding #family #léafer

Cinta Cardona (@cintacardona)

#SisterAsana Challenge from 21-27 of March 💘

Sisterhood is magical. Even though we might not see each other, we are still connected! These moments, when we feel down and suddenly a sister calls, ready to support... Or just the simple luck to have an amazing time together!!! 🌸🌸🌸

I don't have any blood sisters, but I feel so lucky that I made a few on the way. Life would be tough without them. Women who've been with me in the journey of life. That applies to my yoga journey, as well. I am grateful for meeting @gaiaisa, because she always reminds me the kind of person I wanna be, having her around (or not around) is a blessing. Thanks to @corazondehojalata, who shared her knowledge and her experiences, and made me grow as a yogi. I feel especially bounded to @yogadeline, @paololuvi76, @miriam_campoy, @christianruizdorantes and @sara_zen because I shared a very special moment of my yogajourney with them. And I'd like to mention @roby_mangos and @vio74, who where not supposed to be YOGA sisters, but yoga is everywhere! ・




✔️1.) Support —> Downdog and any variations

2.) Sharing —> Your favorite, heart opening mudra・

3.) Encouragement —> Handstand or another inversion of your choice・

4.) Trust —> Anjanayasana or another backbend of your choice・

5.) Beauty —> Any split or prep-pose leading towards split・

6.) Honesty —> Treepose or another balancepose・

7.) Sisterasana —> Whatever that means to you 🙃💕✨

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🌿 G I N A 🌿 (@ginaswire)

Yesterday I had a big realisation that I didn’t get many hugs off the men in my life as a child. Or as many as I wanted.
It’s not their fault, my dad was a business man and always a busy bee, plus I wonder how easy it is for a man to know what a 7 year old girl really needs??? ✨
Interested to know your thoughts on that btw. I got all the love in the world from my mum, grandma, Nana and all the women... yes. That was very strong 🙏🏼💜
Anyway... I decided I needed to go back and give my 7 year old self the love and connection she was missing (This is one of the practices I do with my clients and blimey it’s powerful) ✨
Straight after I went to my fav @clearcafeubud for a love burger wrap and this is the message on the stairs. ✨
PS hugs are still my favourite thing ever. That stays the same 😁
PPS dads give your daughter extra hugs, they need them!

prakritians❤️ (@prakritishresthaworld_fanclub)

Regrann from @prakriti.shrestha - Sisters always ask questions, steal your clothes, tell you when your hair doesnt look good.. are honest when it comes to fashion, laugh out loud at every joke, fight but are never drawn apart, love you always & encourage you when you are down..tell you "you are beautiful" and hug you when you least expect it. Thats what you both do to me..❤️
❤️I love you both from the moon to the back ❤️

#irreplaceable#sisterhood#bestbonding#happiness#missingmoments# - #regrann

Humans of Bombay (@officialhumansofbombay)

“One evening I was sitting at a restaurant with my headphones on. A group of guys were seated beside me, talking very loudly. I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation--one of the guys was bragging about cheating on his girlfriend and his friends were making a joke out of it.
I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even when I went home. Since I'm infamous among my friends for rants on social media, I decided to use my status update as an outlet— ‘Overheard in Doolally Taproom, Andheri the 2 guys sitting behind me where one is like ‘Bro I ditched Supriya last night and went out with Nidhi and we made out’
2nd guy: Lol dude tu dude hai.. Supriya won't find out.’ ........LOL dude Supriya will find out.

So hello Supriya, if your guy's name is Aman and he was supposed to go out with you on Wednesday night and he ditched you— he's an asshole.
He has black frames and is thinner than the cigg he smokes..
Calling out all the Supriyas jinke bf ka naam AMAN hai. Dude you need to call that guy asap and say ‘gobar tatti ka sandwich bana ke kha bc’ and break-up! xD
Share this with every Supriya in Mumbai you know...’

Not only did the post go viral, but it was picked up by multiple news sites. People from all over the country were tagging all the Surpriyas and Amans they knew and I spent the whole day receiving phone calls from radio stations and news channels!
Ofcourse, I got a lot of hate from the male population, but my female audience united! The hashtag ‘sisterhood’ spread like a storm amongst thousands of women who supported my post —It was amazing since this was my actual motive. To contribute to the idea of women supporting women was my only intention. I never found the actual Supriya, but I hope she got to read my status, and I hope she knows that there are thousands of people who thinks she deserves better!”

Chova daprilia (@chova_daprilia)

Misyuuu sampai jumpa lagiii bila bila 😘😘😭 #mom #sisterhood #love #miss #forever

King's Church Newport (@kingschurchnewport)

SISTERHOOD MORNINGS. Girls, ladies, moms, sisters and grandma’s, everyone is welcome! We’re getting together to Worship, be encouraged through the Word, build friendships and have fun. Thursday 29th March from 9:45am till 11:30. See you there!
#sisterhood #smile #love #fun #peopleareourheart #generosityisourprivilege #ironsharpensiron