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What made it onto my face this AM woop woop

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Mini Rese帽a
[Innisfree] It's real squeeze mask- Rose
Esta mascarilla promete dejar la piel suave y radiante
馃尮Modo de Uso:
despu茅s de la limpieza y el t贸nico, saca la mascarilla del empaque, col贸cala sobre la cara evitando los labios y ojos. 脷sala de 10 a 20 minutos, ret铆rala y palpa para una mejor absorci贸n.
馃尮Ingredientes: desliza para ver la imagen.
Tiene esencia a rosas y resulta ser una fragancia muy agradable. Tiene buen calce e hidrata muy bien, la piel se ve m谩s iluminada despu茅s de su uso. La esencia no es pegajosa y se absorbe muy bien. Ahora lo malo? es que me caus贸 reacci贸n, si eres sensible al alcohol o los extractos bot谩nicos que suelen ser irritantes ev铆tala.
Le di una mascarilla a una amiga para que la probara y le encant贸, lamentablemente mi piel no la tolera.
Calificaci贸n 4/5 porque mientras los ingredientes no te causen alergia los resultados son muy buenos.
Se me olvid贸 tomar la foto con la mascarilla puesta (fall茅 馃槩) . Recuerden visitar mi blog (link en la bio). -
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[First Impression - W.Lab All-Clear Mint Pack]
Last night I decided to try the mint pack. My skin has been acting up, and been really oily and I had this nasty pimple appear on my jawline. And I wanted something that would help. Onto the review.
I really like the packaging. It's simple, yet it looks chic. I like how the product has the plastic cover on it. .
The smell isn't my favourite. To me, it smelled like cheap toothpaste. But I can look past that I guess.
When I applied this to my face, I noticed that it had these little 'bits' in it. I'm assuming it's little dried mint leaves, which you can't really notice until it goes onto your face.
This does have an extreme cooling effect, however the cooling sensation takes about 1-2 minutes for it to kick in.
I left it on until it dried, so for about 10-15 minutes it was left on my face. I did notice a slight tightening effect but not much.
I washed this off and dried my face. I was expecting it to make some massive difference in my pores and on the pimple. I didn't notice anything different. And it actually seemed to irritate the pimple, because it was a lot more red after I'd used the product than before I hadn't. Maybe it's because I didn't cleanse my face before use? I'm not sure, this is a first impression so I'd have to use it again in a few days when I've cleansed my face to see if there's any improvement.
My rating: 2/5. This is a first impression and the impression I got was that this product wasn't great. But I'll give it another chance at a later date. For now though, it's getting a 2/5.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this product with my own money. You can get it from @wcosmetics for $25.
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A. by BOM Ultra Cool Leaf Mask literally took over #abskincare SNS this Spring & Summer! 馃崈 With the unique double masking of cool leaf patches + sheet mask, this #kbeauty #sheetmask is a hit among so many skin care lovers!
Check out #bemusedkorea shop for details + full ingredients list AND sign up for an account with us to get 10% off your next purchase with us 馃挆
Happy #selfcaresunday everyone 馃崈
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馃樆When you discover a long lost product 馃挆 this is the Hanskin smart total BB cream and I have not used it yet! Although I do feel like it could potential be very light for my skin 馃 let us know if you have used it before and happy weekend!!! 馃帀
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Bit of Sunday Flower Power for y'all! -

I just love Orchids so I try to have one in each room of my house. I don't know which is my favourite... Maybe the 1 in the 1st photo as it is pretty unique 馃槏 -

Rachelle xx

Dew_You (@_dew_you_)

Tonight's face oil is the Gold Camellia Oil by @tatcha. I've been wanting to try products by Tatcha and was excited to see the brand on Costco's website!
This oil claims to be rich in essential antioxidants and deep moisturizers.
This oils feels very light and gives a beautiful glow. It also has an amazing light scent. I think this oil will be perfect under foundation during the day 馃挏
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Apologies for being offline for so long. In August, I lost my first true love: my mother unexpectedly had passed away. I've been grieving openly to friends & family. She was the first to introduce me to skincare, always telling me to look my best. To say I miss my mom is an understatement: I will feel a profound emptiness for the rest of my life. She drove me crazy all the time, but she loved me, my sister, and my son fiercely, and I'd give anything to have her nag me once more. But she would want me to pick up and go on, so I'm rebooting #skintertain. Thanks for reading.
Tonight's ritual includes:
馃尡 #shuuemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
馃尡 #threecosmetics Cleansing Foam
馃尡 #marieveronique Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist (DIVINE)
馃尡 #hylamide SubQ Eyes Serum (LOVE this reco from @gothamista)
馃尡 #niod CAIS 1%
馃尡 #niod Re-Pigment Serum (been using this for a few weeks鈥攚ill report results soon!)
馃尡 #theordinary Granoactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane (really enjoying this newcomer to my routine) and Lactic Acid 5%
馃尡 #drjart Ceramidin Cream (an HG product for me!)

M + G (@7intheevening)

Friend's skincare is the best. - G 馃憢馃従

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My face is enjoying a refreshing martini tonight and shit, does it need it! Why is is 98,000 dang degrees outside with 2,532% humidity?! So grateful for sheet masks! #sheetmaskaddict #happymasking #myfacetory #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #sheetmaskaddiction #30daymaskchallenge #moisturizing #hydrateyourskin #coolingmask

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|| N O F L Y Z O N E || With this warmer weather comes those pesky flies & mozzies. This natural alternative to chemically based sprays will help deter most flying insects. Using an infused base with blended essential oils this spray works with our natural pheromones and can be quite pungent at 1st but once dry it will continue to work for hours. Get rid of those nasty, dangerous aerosol cans of chemicals & give a natural alternative a try 鉁岋笍


After hosting 11 for dinner last night and going over 200 miles on a Harley today I needed something simple and nourishing 鉁 double cleanse @jordansamuelskin 鉁 FTE @skii 鉁 treat @algenist ** gifted
鉁 DTR @katesomervilleskincare 鉁 finished it with etoile
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I tried the Ti'am Sebum Drying Bubble Pack for the first time recently 馃 Because of the word "drying" I was a little cautious with the application, as you can see in the pictures 鉃★笍 normally I just smother it everywhere 馃槀 But I ended up liking it! It does bubble up but not so much that it's freaky. 馃懟It reminds me of the effect that egg masks have because it kind of have that tightness and stickiness while it was drying down. BUT for my skin it wasn't drying at all, it left my face clean but not squeaky, and it washed off with some light rubbing and water. 馃憣 I would use this again when I feel like I need a deep clean! I'm glad I got the opportunity to try this because I ran out of my Innisfree mousse clay mask 馃槶 I got sent this for free to review from Jolse, my favorite website to shop at! You can go sign up for their giveaways and they are always looking for reviewers for new products! 馃槏
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Saturday night routine and sorry about the grainy picture!
First cleanse @loccitane Shea cleansing oil
Second cleanse @nuxe_us face cleansing and make up removing gel
Spot treated with a sample of @sundayriley Saturn mask
Essence @paulaschoice resist brightening essence
Mist @clinique moisture surge face spray and moisture surge hydrating super charged concentrate
Eyes @wabisabibotanicals sacha inchi eye nectar
Moisturize @colleenrothschild extreme recovery cream

Goodnight all!
Friday morning routine
Today its all about moisture and hydration! This routine might seem simple, but it packs up good hydration into the skin.
Cleanse @cerave hydrating foaming facial cleanser - forgot to include in the picture.
Essence @scinic_beauty honey all in one ampoule
Mist @clinique moisture surge face spray thirsty skin relief
Serum @clinique moisture surge hydrating super charged concentrate
Sprayed the mist again and moisturized with @odacite oleosomes time release delivery creme
I really liked the @clinique duo. The serum is super hydrating. I am gonna continue using it. This might be a perfect layer for extra hydration during the colder months.

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Karen (@marmaladenmonkey)

Today AM routine < N O . S O R R Y>
I will never feel sorry for my skin because I take care of it. Today to maximize the effect of the masking session, I paired it with Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. After few days of masking, my skin is really good. I think these masks worked on me 馃槂
馃悮 Senka Speedy Perfect Whip Airy Touch (not in pic)
馃悮 Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
馃悮 Missha Intensive Moist First Treatment Essence
馃悮 Klairs Supple Preparation Toner
馃悮 Ultru I'm Sorry For My Skin Brightening Jelly Mask*
馃悮 Flowfushi Mote Eyelash Serum
馃悮 Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream
馃悮 Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defense Mineral Sunscreen
馃悮 SK-II Atmosphere CC Cream
*Provided by @putihtalk in exchange for my honest review. Stay tuned for my sharing 馃摑