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Vi henter inspirasjon i Paris 🗼💙

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Easy breezy Saturday morning skincare. Keeping it simple today and using a couple of items I got recently: @sum37_official Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick infused with real bits of rose petals and smells heavenly 🌹@sonandpark Beauty Water does double duty as a toner or gentle cleansing water. I use this so that my skin is prepped and ready to receive the full benefits of the next step: hydrating with Keana rice mask made from 100% Japanese rice 🌾 (Tip: when shopping for skincare and beauty in Japan look for the Cosme seal of approval - this sheet mask won #1 spot in the sheet mask category in the beauty awards!)

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Los Angeles makeup artist Melissa Hernandez @madeupbym featured her Adore Cosmetics products in an Instagram story this week shared with her 12.3K followers. ✨
Hernandez showed off Adore Cosmetics products including:
Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Eye Mask
Golden Touch 24k Techno-Dermis Facial Mask
Essence Facial Detoxifying Cleansing Cream
Essence Facial Firming Serum
Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask
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Alright so to commemorate this amazing day here's a @Clinique post of their rather new SPF from their pep start line. ________________________________
So as is im a stickler for sunscreen it has to be perfect and I'm aware of this ones chemical properties but how those chemicals act like a mineral 🤔 I don't know about all that, but I'm drawn to this particular spf the texture is really nice and the tint is nonexistent. Overall 4 out of 🖐️ #skin #skincareobsessed #skincarefavorites #makeupartist #skincareproduct #clinique #skincareregime #skincarereview #skincarereview #skincareblogger #skincareman #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareobsessed

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Ahh! I feel like I haven't posted in so long and I've fallen so behind in my challenges!! Today's (well, really last night's) post is to encompass all three challenges #maymaskmonth #mayskinchallenge and #maskMAYhem

Day 23, 24, 25, and 26 of #mayskinchallenge are #routine #warmweather #antihaul and #indulgent
Last night's #nightroutine was indulgent in itself. Ironically enough, now that summer has started, I've been even busier and getting home later, which causes me to neglect my skincare routines 😭 Recently too my skin has been suffering these nasty breakouts on my lower cheeks closer to my mouth. It's awful! So I wanted my routine to target acne but also be relaxing.
Last night I used:
🌚#mariobadescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel
🌚#stridex Salicylic Acid Pads
🌚#Klairs Supple Preparation Toner 🌚#theordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%
🌚#bentoniteclaymask (I received a lovely tip from @fjp82075 that bentonite clay has a negative charge so when using metal spoons (like I was using to scoop and mix the clay) it doesn't become effective) 🌚#cosrx Cantella Blemish Cream
🌚#imfrom Vitamin Tree Water Gel
🌚#lululun One Mask

For Day 24, the #imfrom Water Gel is amazing! It's very light and not oily so I say this moisturizer is great for warm weather. It's hydrating without the greasy or heavy feeling. •

For Day 25 I can sum it up in words. I'm not buying anything! Everything is my anti-haul lol i just have too much stuff and don't need anymore. I'm really going to give my wallet a break from my endless Facial care hoarding 😂😂

For Day 26, the LuLuLun mask is crazy indulgent!! The mask is thick but not uncomfortable. The Essence is very Milky and soaks into the skin wonderfully! I really loved this mask. There was so much Essence left in the mask after I took it off, so I squeezed it into my hands and slathered it all over my face and neck. It was a lot so it took a while to soak in but I didn't feel greasy. When I woke up this morning too my skin felt lovely! Definitely recommend this mask 👍🏼

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Happy weekend, beauties! From left to right:
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (in True Nude): Probably my all-time favorite foundation. 🙌 It's lightweight, goes on SO smooth, and I never have to use concealer! I love how my complexion looks after it sets. A little goes a long way, and always blend to achieve your best result! 👍
Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream (in Medium): My FAVE lightweight, when I'm 'on the go but my confidence level isn't "no filter" yet.' 😂 My skin feels so soft and it truly goes give me a flawless, smooth feel! ✨
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer: This was my latest purchase because I had gone so long without using a primer (I know, I know! 🙈), but I love that it has SPF in it and I love how it doesn't make my skin feel like it has another layer of product beneath whichever cover up I'm using that day. Truly lightweight! 🍃
So there you have it! What are your faves?? Drop me a comment, I love hearing what other people are currently loving! 😘

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Product review: Olivarrier Squalane Fluid Oil
Claims: Increase moisture level of skin
Notable ingredients: Olive-derived squalane, free of preservatives and chemicals.
Texture: Colorless runny oil. Absorbs fast leaving behind a non-greasy finish. .
Scent: None, no matter how close I stick my nose up against it.
Performance: I use this as an occlusive, in both my AM and PM routines. It's been 5 days and using it directly after toners and serums felt a little too rich and stifling on my combo sensitive skin. Mixing a drop of this with a lotion and applying it only on my drier parts (cheeks) felt more comfortable. Using it both ways only gave me a quick boost of hydration for a couple of hours, nothing long-lasting. I prefer this on my body as it sinks in fast and does not get on my clothes. Other than hydration, I don't notice any other effects after using this.
Packaging: Elegant glass bottle with a dropper. Great for controlling how much to use and ease of getting the same amount each time. However, I did break the cap after screwing it on too tightly. In my defense, I did not insert gargantuan strength.
Conclusion: Unfortunately the average performance on my skin doesn't justify repurchasing at this price point. $33 @neulii_roseroseshop
Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price of $3.99 from @0.8l_usa in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Av av av ☀️ Min eneste redning i dag er Aloe Vera sprayen fra LR. Det eneste der kan lindre, efter for mange timer på stranden. Spørg hvem der er solbrændt?! @lrworldofficial #summer #lr #sun #aloevera #happy #cosmetics #skincare #skincareblogger

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Happy Saturday Instagram fam! It's been a long time but I wanted to step in to share one of my absolute fav translucent powders and why you shouldn't sleep on this! This is perfect for summer because it's getting hotter now and this will save your life. This is @clarinsusa Pore Perfecting Mattifying Kit.
👉🏾 if you have enlarged pores or texture that you're trying to minimize this powder is amazing for that. It truly minimizes and give a flawless picture perfect finish to the skin
👉🏾 this product is truly transparent and does not hinder the tint of your makeup
👉🏾Perfect for all skintones. TRUST ME!
👉🏾 it has blotting sheets to refresh and blot out oils

This was a gift from God and I would hate to run out of this product. But I can see this in a bridal touch up kit for makeup artists! It's definitely a splurge but it's totally worth it!

TINA 💕♉️💋🌸 (@tinasskin)

shower essentials 💦 i've recently started double cleansing and it has changed my skin SO much! less oily, less breakouts and smaller pores 💓🔥

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i loved you like a patti labelle pie

Rodan + Fields Consultant (@luanajohnson.rf)

Lash Boost
🌻Clinically tested for 5 years!
🌻6 Ophthalmologist safety tests!
🌻60 day supply (but can last 90+ days)!
🌻Easy nightly application with single tube!
🌻Applied like eyeliner!
🌻Can be used on eyebrows!
🌻Safe for people who wear contacts!
🌻 Naturally blinking will apply to lower lashes!
🌻Will not change your eye color!
🌻Provides moisture + nutrition + protection!
🌻Full money back guarantee!
Contact me today to get yours!!

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Sometimes I hear "R+F is too expensive for my budget", as folks close their bathroom drawer containing a dozen partially-used bottles of products that "didn't really work." In the business world, that's what we refer to as a "Sunk Cost." .
Let's break it down.. "expensive" is relative. To me, a co-pay at the dermatologist + a Rx without a guarantee + weeks of trial and error to find the right product is expensive. And also, non-refundable. And no way to get back all those waisted hours sitting in a waiting room under the stark fluorescent lighting of self consciousness. .
We are North America's #1 Premium Skincare Brand ... for a couple of really solid reasons:
1) our goods are clinically proven to WORK
2) no need for a prescription
3) a 60-day, money-back guarantee .
It boils down to priority, and shouldn't your face kind of be up there on the list of "things worth the investment"? You'll buy an expensive purse, fancy shoes, get your nails done multiple times per month, so why is your face (your greatest billboard) prioritized coming in a the bottom of your priority list? #rfjessica #lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #loveyourskin #loveyourskincare

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Hay quienes piensan que usar muchos productos toma una eternidad. Pero con mi amiga Clau de @cremitasperfumadas decidimos cronometrar nuestras rutinas.
Al principio pueden tardar más, pero cuando tienen todo aceitado, es más rápido! Yo tardo 3 minutos en aplicar (con masajes y todo!)
▫️agua micelar de @lidherma.
▫️tónico hidratante de @natura.argentina.
▫️ esencia antioxidante de @givenchyargentina .
▫️contorno de ojos de @germaine_arg .
▫️concentrado de vitamina C de @larocheposay_ar ▫️crema revitalizante de @kiehlsargentina .
▫️aceite de @cliniqueargentina.
▫️protector solar @larocheposay_ar.
A la noche voy a cronometrar mi rutina con doble limpieza!
Uds saben cuánto tardan en aplicar sus cremas?

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Book Your Appointment For Chemical Peel A $80 Dollar Value For $10 dollars $5 if you bring someone with you call and schedule with Keiona 314-843-2222 June 6th #southcounty #skininstitute #rxsystemspf #aesthetics #skincareroutine #skintightening #skinbenefits #skincareblogger #skinimprovement #skinperfect #highfrequency #hyperpigmentation

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#diy Castor Oil para estimular el crecimiento de la pestañas y cejas 👌🏽.
Puedes reciclar el envase de tu rímel que se terminó, limpiándolo bien, que no quede ningún residuo y llenarlo con castor Oil.
Aplicarse todas las noches antes de dormir, en cejas y/ o pestañas. 👩🏽🎓 regalito para las graduadas que vengan a Flamingo, si traen su tubito vacío , les regalo el relleno. 🙋🏽 también para las no graduadas que vienen a las clases . #beflamingo.
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