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Sunscreen Lover 💓💓☀️😎
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[🇺🇸]Hello everyone! How are you? Today I will give you a quick review of one of my favorite sunscreen . My addition, I can not even sleep literally hahah.
#Avène - Very High Protection Emulsion UVA FPS 50+ ( Water Resistant/ dry formula ) .
☀️Scent: Honestly, the smell reminds me the beach 🏖️ , but it has a soft smell like flowers. It is not the classic smell of sunscreen.
☀️Consistency: It is a cream type sunscreen, as you can see in the photo it is a bit creamy and heavy. But it spreads very well and absorbs quickly. There are people who do not think the same.
☀️ Thoughts: As I told you before, it's my favorite sunscreen. It is a very versatile sunscreen, you can use for everything. It protects very well, which for me is super important because as you know I am sensitive to the sun's rays. Almost all people do not like this sunscreen because leaves that white cast layer on the skin, but I love it, it makes me feel that I look more white 😋. Which I really like. It has a dry touch meaning that it doesn’t leave that feeling of oily skin on the skin, which is also important.
To be honest, I have not tried any Korean sunscreen, but I promise you I will soon, I have one on my eyes 👀. .
Leave me in the comments what is your favorite sunscreen? . .
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Botanics USA (@botanicsusa)

The hydrating duo #musthave this autumn. Purchase any 2 Hydration Burst products and get your 3rd FREE at @Walgreens.

Heather (@mybeautyful_journey)

🌼 I am way behind, so this is a #latergram of Friday night routine 🙈🙈 .
This lineup is pure luxury. There isn't a product in this routine that I didn't thoroughly enjoy! More details...
||1st Cleanse: @jordansamuelskin After Show Balm Cleanser. Just love the buttery texture. It melts down, but it doesn't feel like an oil like most balms do, it literally feels like butter! (In a good way!) It feels like it doesn't rinse all the way off, but once my face is dry I can't feel any residue left over. 🖤
||2nd Cleanse: @isclinical Warming Honey Cleanser (NP)💙
||Mist: @colleenrothschild Beauty Water. ❤️
||Treat: @niod Re:Pigment. 🐒
||Hydrate: @pestleandmortarcosmetics
Pure Hyaluronic Serum. I really love the texture of this, it glides across skin and dries down to a weightless finish. Gorgeous. ❤️
||Acid: @paulaschoice Resist 4% BHA. I am working on the finishing touches of my review of this gem. Apparently I'm not the only one who loves it, bc it is out of stock everywhere! I have been playing around where to use it in my routines, tonight I used it after my serums and I think I like using it this way better! 🖒
||Eyes: @biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel. Love the texture of this gel and is so light and perfect for daytime use under makeup. My second Biossance purchase and they are 2-0, 🖒🏆
||Seal: #ColleenRothschild Retinol Supreme Night Oil, I misted the Beauty Water before I applied this beautiful oil. (Helps it absorb better 😉) More details a couple of posts back. Colleen Rothschild is having their Black Friday sale NOW, all products are 30% off!! .
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday, sorry for the rambling post! 🙊🙊💋
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MrsM Beauty/Skincare Lover (@missmoobeautyskincarelover)

Monday night skincare 😊
Really enjoyed my routine tonight!
@glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser
@simpleskin foaming cleanser
@pixibeauty Glow Tonic
@lamer Treatment Lotion
@deciem Argireline Solution
@lamer Creme De La Mer
@visvivaskincare Restorative Oil Serum (gifted)

Michelle (@thebeautyendeavor)

Morning Wake Up ☀️
Cleansed in shower 🚿 with Foreo Luna Mini & Fresh Soy Cleanser. Followed by Fresh Rose Face Mask
NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% (not pictured)
▪️Application ➡️ Apply after cleansing and before toners. Let sit for 30 seconds to absorb fully
Make P:rem Peel me toner followed by One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist
▪️Skincare Tip ➡️ Tried the newly discovered brand preferred method of pressing it into skin versus swiping
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG for a quick depuff followed by Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream. A Caroline Hirons made me do it. First time using
▪️#skincaretip ➡️ Apply eye treatments before face products to let them be more effective
African Botanics Nutritive Molecule Serum
Kypris Antioxidant Dew*
I’ve been mixing sample serums with 2 drops The Ordinary Reservatrol 3% & Ferulic Acid 2% for an antioxidant boost. This allows me to test extra serums as I have quite a few sitting in my stash. I just don’t picture them everyday
La Mer The Renewal Oil on cheeks
OSKIA Renaissance 360 Cream for light cream and SPF combo
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Audrey (@mademoiselle_nature)

👉I find the scent so so to be honest but I still use the organic frankincense hydrosol after cleansing as it gently soothes and hydrates the skin...and the bottle is almost empty! 👉Are you using a toner at the moment? If yes, which one?

lueur femme 💐 (@lueurfemme)

sorry for the lack of posting!! here’s a little portion of my shelfie! 🌟

Pioneering Clinical Skincare (@muradskincareaus)

Yesterday doesn't matter. Today is what counts 👌
Connected Beauty is Murad's unique philosophy to allow you to feel better, look better and be healthier. Each and every cell in your body is connected so treat them all well.⠀
#connectedbeauty #murad #muradskincareaus

Complex Beauty (@complexbeautyco)

Get your glow on ✨ Check out our stories for more 🖤


7 days, 7 Black & white photos about your daily life. No people, no explanation, just a title. Tag a new person each day . Day 5 - Natures variety
Tagging my lovely friend @arpa_1109 #blackandwhitephoto #skincarecommunity

🌸 Katharina 🌸 (@thevanitytalk)

Ich soll euch mein Lieblingsöl verraten ? 🤔😏😜 Gerne doch 💁‍♀️ Es ist das Beauty Elixir I mit 1000 bulgarischen Rosen🌹von @kyprisbeauty 😍 #oiladdict ☺️ Es läßt meine Mischhaut vor allem nach einer Retinolbehandlung über Nacht zur Ruhe kommen und am nächsten Morgen im neuen Glanz erstrahlen. Die Haut sieht genährt und fühlt sich seidenweich an. Dieses Gesichtsöl enthält neben dampfextrahierten Rosenextrakte 19 natürliche Aktivstoffe wie Antioxidanzien CoQ10 und Vitamin C Ester und gesättigte Fettsäuren, die alle zusammen den Säureschutzmantel wieder aufbauen bzw. dem transepidermalen Wasserverlust entgegen wirken 🙌 Wenn man allerdings kein Vermögen für ein Öl ausgeben möchte bzw. für alle, die noch nie zuvor ein Gesichtsöl verwendet haben und neugierig geworden sind 😽 habe ich selbstverständlich auch eine handfeste Empfehlung mitgebracht und zwar entweder mein heiß geliebtes Hagebutten-Öl von @paiskincare 🧡 Es ist schlicht wie ergreifend 😻 Oder wenn es etwas mehr sein darf 💁 dann das kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate 💙Eine intensive Anti-Aging-Gesichtspflege, die entwickelt wurde, um die natürlichen Hautlipide zu replizieren und die Haut im Schlaf 😴 zu reparieren. Das Konzentrat enthält hochwertige natürliche Inhaltsstoffe und kommt ohne Parabene aus. Die Gesichtspflege enthält unter anderem entspannend und exfolierend wirkenden Rosenextrakt 🌹sowie das aus Oliven gewonnene Öl Squalane 🙌, welches sehr schnell in die Haut einzieht und für extreme Geschmeidigkeit ☺️ sorgt. Außerdem ist die Pflege mit den essenziellen Fettsäuren Omega 3, Omega 6 und Omega 9 angereichert, welche die Struktur der natürlichen Hautschutzbarriere kräftigen und helfen, den optimalen Feuchtigkeitshaushalt der Haut zu bewahren. Ein déjà-vu 👀 Im Grunde ist es eine abgespeckte Version des luxuriösen Kypris Öls ohne die 999 Rosen 😉
Shall I tell you a beauty secret 😏 #kyprisbeauty 1000 🌹 is my favorite 🏆face oil of 2017 🎉🎊 It’s magic in a bottle and the smell is to die for 🙌 But the other two are also worth mentioning as I’m currently on my second bottle of each of them 😬 And in terms of composition/targeted skin concerns the kiehl‘s oil is very close to Kypris 🤫

Anastasja (@sea_glow_and_sun)

I want to get a job.. So today I went to the library I would love to work in. The library was closed… I’ll try again tomorrow…
About my day : filled up the gas tank, went to a closed library, checked my parents’ restaurant because they are in vacay, bought fruits for my morning milkshakes (pineapple, mango, strawberry). I also took coconut milk. Already wanna have my morning ‘shake… 🍍
Tonight’s skincare : introduced a new product purchased last week ✨
1. Cleansing balm 💎 darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood
2. Cleanser 💎 youthtothepeople Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood Face Wash
3. Pink clay mask 💎 drjart Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay Pink
4. Eye cream 💎 larocheposay Toleriane Ultra Eye Cream
5. Serum 💎 theordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (three drops mixed in the Clinique mask)
6. Hydrating mask 💎 clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
7. Lip balm 💎 nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm
8. Hydration Booster 💎 drjart Water Drop (30 minutes before bedtime)
This was the first time that I’ve tried the Dr Jart+ Pink Clay Mask. I really enjoyed it, you don’t need a lot of product to do your entire face. It sets perfectly and foams easily with water, so it’s really easy to remove it. It detoxifies, cleanses, hydrates, purifies and removes dead cells. After rinsing it off, my skin was really luminous, radiant and pure. Does not let you skin sensitive or tight 😊 👍🏾
Right now, my skin feels hydrated and fresh as if I were sea-bathing (without the salt) 🌊
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Rae - Skincare For The Soul. (@active_loving)

Quick Fire #raeraereviews on @muradskincareuk Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum. •
◼️What is it for? - Hydrates, Calms, soothes and strengthens the barrier of over-processed, irritated skin. •
◼️What it does - Attracts and retains moisture, calms and soothes while improving suppleness. •
◼️Key Ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolipids, Lecithin, Chamomile and Arnica. •
◼️Price/Packaging - £47 for 30ml in a glass bottle pump. •
◻️My Thoughts - This is a lovely serum that has a slight tacky/sticky texture that quickly dries down. It’s layers very well and offers a good smack of hydration. It soothes my skin and does reduce redness to some degree. I have heard from others that the results from this serum happen later than sooner. I’m enjoying this and it definitely helps when I have decimated my barrier from being super aggressive with actives.
I’m seeing this serum at the moment as a product that adds hydration, when I have finished the bottle I can report back. I managed to snag this for £19.99 in a set from @tkmaxx At that price I would at this stage repurchase, I wouldn’t repurchase for its RRP. Maybe I will after I have finished it?! I will keep you posted. •
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The Skin Edit UK (@the_skin_edit)

Day 20 of the #SkinEmmies2017 and our Self Tanner award goes to @vitaliberata for their Ten Minute Tan 🙌🏼🌟
So quick, easy and suitable for all skin tones and types Ten Minute Tan is bursting with organic ingredients and peptides to add a subtle glow which you can build to tailor, all whilst conditioning nourishing your skin. 💗
It lasts for up to 7 days with no patchiness, streaks or transfer onto bed sheets...the best part is you apply pre shower, leave for 10minutes then shower as usual and your tan then develops over 4-8 hours....glow all year round with this 🌟
Head over to our blog for other self tans we love (including @bondisands !) ⬆️LINK IN BIO⬆️
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Lyndsay Gordon @bold_bird_ (@bold_bird_)

sneak peek at the loot you could win👀 details coming soon........... #giveaway #prizepack