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Friday evening double masking 🙌🏼💃🏼 Yeey it's finally friday people and for me it's been an extra tough week, so I am definitely looking forward to these facemasks, some sushi and a some ice cold Pepsi Max (no alcohol for me as I don't drink it).
First up is @deciem The ordinary AHA 30%+BHA 2% Peeling Solution which is a great budget peeling I use once a week to peel of dead skin so my face can breath again. Then I will use @tonymoly.official Pomegranate Mask Sheet Elasticity for the first time and it's supposed to recreate my skins elasticity and of course also hydrate my skin. Hope I like it 🍎
Wish you all have a great weekend with lots of love and skincare ❤️
Trevlig helg på er alla fina hudvårds och beauty vänner 😘

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If what you're looking for is filler for a killer contour, you're in luck. Call to book an appointment by the end of the day and you'll receive a complimentary area of botox when we plump your pout, turn back the clock on under eye wrinkles, or use filler on any part of that beautiful face. Plus, you'll get 20% off of all products purchased. Because at Skinfluence, we're thankful for YOU, and think that you deserve to waltz into the holiday season turning some heads. Book now.

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L'Antioxidant Booster è formulato per le pelli opache e stressate, acne, macchie scure e pelle stanca. Un siero 7in1: riduce i segni visibili dell'invecchiamento / Protegge / Ripara / Rinforza / Ravviva / Ricostruisce / Ripristina.
#EN The Antioxidant Booster is designed for dull and overworked skin, acne, dark spots and tired skin.
7in1 Antioxidant Booster: Reduces visible signs of aging / Protects / Repairs / Replenishes / Revives / Rebuilds / Restores.
W W W . G R E E N S O U L C O S M E T I C S . C O M

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#Repost ❤️ @lipstickandjeans_
As the winter settles in my skin needs a little more hydration than does typically. So the winter for me is always a challenge to find the most potent yet gentle products to save my skin. My latest find is this bottled miracle from @thepinkcowbrand. Recharge Serum with Colostrum Oil and a blend of the most beautiful natural oils, and oh boy, is so smooth and hydrating yet light and silky, seriously try it!
The ingredients of this luxurious oil are :
Coconut oil
Jojoba seed oil
L22- Macadamia, Jojoba, Olive [Jojoba Oil/Macadamia Seed Oil Esters (and) Squalene (and) Phytosteryl Macadamiate (and) Phytosterols (and) Tocopherol]
Vegetable Glycerin
Passionfruit seed oil
Moroccan Argan nut oil
Marula kernel oil
Carrot seed oil
Colostrum Oil.
They say that this blend was developed to replicate the skin lipid balance of the healthy 22-year-old skin. Now that I'm yet to find out as I only used this serum for a couple of days, but it sounds like goals.

garnierdeutschland (@garnierdeutschland)

Mit der SkinActive Botanischen Tagespflege ist deine Haut perfekt aufs kalte Wetter vorbereitet. ❄️ Die Mixtur mit 96% natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen enthält Blütenhonig, der sogar sehr trockene Haut regeneriert. 😍 Einfach morgens aufs gereinigte Gesicht auftragen und deine Haut bleibt den ganzen Tag gepflegt. 🙌

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#SkinEmmies2017 hosted by @antiagingamber & @morethanjustskin Day 24: Body Moisturizer. World, meet Scrubee. Maybe you are already acquainted. If you are, you know what I’m talking about. If you aren’t, head to Lush and give it a try. This is an amazing little bar that you use in the shower to exfoliate and moisturize your body. What’s in it? Honey (of course), cocoa butter, and coconut shells. It’s a very gentle scrub and leaves your skin moisturized and happy. It’s my go to, especially during these dry winter months, and it keeps my eczema at bay (hallelujah). You get out of the shower, towel off, and that’s it. 🐝 🍯 🥥 #theskinteach 💋
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Happy Black Friday - or friYAY, as the Gods of Capitalism would have us believe. I am no stranger to the gods of capitalism, but right now I'm pretty chilled out with a mask on my face (this one, in fact!) and a cat on my lap (I'm getting a migraine. It's preventative medicine). Let's catch up before my headache hits, yeah?
1. You guys are awesome and I have OVER 600 entries to compile for the #maskgiving2017 giveaway. OVER 600! You're all nuts. I'm excited. I may end up having to mail the prize out on Tuesday, but I will definitely be on IG Live on Monday to draw the prize winner (and a runner up? We'll see! I need to check the state of my mask stash.)
1. Interesting to no one but me - I'm lazy and tired of writing out @skincareblue all over my pics, and I want to try just using a logo stamp instead (see above). What do you think? Good? Bad? It's Okay But Make It Better Looking? No One Cares?
1. Jane would like you all to know that she is the BEST cat (see pic #3) She absolutely did not make me type this one.
1. This Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask from @Leaders 7 Wonders series is on my face right now (see pic #2) and you know, the biocellulose gel really is as nice as I remember. It doesn't look like fits well in the photo, but I promise, it really does. That being said, I really dislike the HUGE whiff of fragrance I get when I open these packages, and they were sold for far too much money in the US. I love Leaders, and It's a nice gel mask, and I realize there's shipping tariffs, etc, to be taken into account...but still.
(1. @purpletalekorea is a great example of a similar gel mask at that price point that really succeeds because it doesn't attempt to manufacture luxury - it actually provides it with an additional 4-step routine.)
1. Yes I made them all #1 on purpose
1. Have a Happy Black Friday y'all!

Old Lady Skin (@oldladyskin)

These literally just came in so as you can imagine I was soooooooo excited to try some new to me products! .
. • Jordan Samuel Skin - The After Show Treatment Cleanser
• Jordan Samuel Skin - The Performance Cream

The cleanser made my skin feel so soft and supple while still feeling really cleansed if that makes sense. As a bonus (to me anyway) it smells lovely! The Performance Cream will be my new go to daytime moisturizer. It's moisturizing without feeling greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin (which I love for a daytime product)! I'm loving both of these products. Happy Friday y'all ♥️
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Here are the two other things that I picked up from the @deciem store. Really excited to try them, I have only heard really good things about them !! 😁😁.
🐢Hylamide SubQ eyes.

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Need a solution for quick Ombré Eyebrows?! Well look here!
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Think of it as a sin-free cigarette break. #HandPouredCandles

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Tired of #BlackFriday 😏? Well hop into my blog and read about my favorite 💊VITAMINS💊 from @humnutrition and the ones that didn’t work for me . Direct link on my Bio👆. #vitamins #suplemments #collagen

Cansados del cyber viernes 😏? Vayan a mi blog y lean acerca de mis vitaminas 💊 favoritas de @humnutrition ! Hay 3 que amo y he comprado mil veces y hay otras dos que no me funcionaron. Link directo en mi biografía 👆👆👆. #vitaminas #collageno

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Our Cleansing Sherbet removes impurities and melts away all traces of make-up and balances oil production in the skin. Our Glacial Water Sherbet cleanser leaves skin deeply cleansed, moisturized and soft. #Crystal Hearts Cosmetics #FacialCleanser

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Hoy compartimos una maravillosa reflexion de nuestra fundadora sobre el Black Friday: "Hace dos mil años hubo un 🥀<viernes negro>🥀, 🌑•el más negro de la historia•🌑. Lucas nos cuenta que aquel viernes, mientras el Hijo de Dios se hallaba clavado en la cruz, 💥toda la tierra quedó sumida en oscuridad💥.
Ese día Dios hizo la 🌟•MAYOR OFERTA•🌟 que alguna vez hayan recibido los seres humanos: puso la 💫~salvación~💫, de forma 🆓^gratuita^🆓, al alcance de todos nosotros. Además, aquel 🙇🏿‍♀️-renegrido viernes-🙇🏿‍♀️ en el Gólgota, Dios no solamente hizo un simple descuento en nuestra deuda, ¡sino que la pagó por completo!" •• Para no quedarnos con mal sabor de boca sobre aquel día de total oscuridad, os regalamos unos preciosos tulipanes negros.

El Tulipán Negro aleja la negatividad, frena las pasiones demasiado violentas y estabiliza a las personas.

Para que el ser positivos sea nuestra mejor medicina.

Redumodel & Co. • Más guapa, más fácil •

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Happy Black Friday! Glossier is 20% off with free shipping - stock up on winter essentials at the link in my bio! ❄️