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Day 13-15 of the @ma_soho cleanse brings me to the Collagen Cleanse: Lip Plump: A three day treatment that helps soften and refresh your lips to leave them looking full, luscious and plump.
I may look so weird but geez it feels good!

Control 💜acne 💚sensitive skin (@acnebreakouts_skincare)

💜Are you confused about what is right for you when you approach that "wall of skincare" for acne and blemishes at the drugstore?
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My skincare routine y'all + Cetaphil facial cleanser. (( I know I don't have the best skin I have scars and freckles but I try to manage it ))

Tasnia (@tasniaali.98)

Absolutly love this. Amazing washing with this after removibg makeup or when skin feels oily and clogged up. Leaves skin cleasned and soft and id definatly say it prevents spots. Moisturise after use and you will feel so refreshed. I look forward to washing my face with this. I would recommend this.

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Control 💜acne 💚sensitive skin (@acnebreakouts_skincare)

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So I just finished 'ready player one' by Ernest Cline, it's a story about a world that revolves around the OASIS (an online world where you can go to school, play games and just live your life) and of course focuses on a player who runs into some trouble, in this online world. That's the basic plot of the book, now it's time for the review;

At first I really liked the book, the writing style wanted to make me read more and as I read the storyline would piece together. I found the characters intresting and the overall idea of this world really intreging. Then about halfway through I started to loose intrest in the story, some parts were pointless but others were really compelling and made me want to read for hours! But I really did like the ending, it kind of joined all the strings together. I think that this is a book worth reading, just don't expect constant action!

Writing style: 8/10
Storyline: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

Katie (@katies_faves)

10.21.17 pm
Went to a dinner party tonight where I laughed so hard my abs hurt from laughing. #laughaerobics is the best way to get in some ab work.😂😂😂 Need to do that more often. ❤️
✨First and Second Cleanse: Farmacy Green Clean — took it off both times with a dry cotton pad. I really feel like my face was super clean after doing that twice. Yes!
✨ Mask: May Lindstrom The Honey Mud — left on for 20 minutes
✨ Essence: Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence
✨Acid: Vant 36.5 AHA 5% Toner
✨Serum: Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum
✨Eyes: Milk Makeup Cooling Water — Buh-Bye Under Eye Bags!
✨Lips: Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm
✨Sheet Mask: Karatica Gold Duck’s Egg Oil Foil Mask - from @myfacetory Box
Scroll left to read more about it. But holy essence. It ran down my neck the entire 20 minutes. Because it’s a very large mask it dried out everywhere except the edges where it wasn’t on my face. But wowza! My skin looks amazing right now. Talk about #foundationfree. Super impressed with the results, but did not like the fit at all. It took about 5 minutes afterwards to pat all the essence into my face, neck and décolletage. Will def consider RP.
✨Treat: Mahalo The Indigo Balm for those areas that needed some TLC tonight.
May we all have friends that make us laugh until we cry (or wet our pants, whichever comes first!). Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend. ❤️✨❤️✨❤️
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Royal velvet skincare set is a beautiful skin care routine for the women's focused on firming the skin.

The luxurious Royal Velvet collection offers a rich and sensual formula infused with iris flower to firm, strengthen and intensely hydrate your skin.
For all skin types

SALE is going on, hurryup
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Me when my clients get the product I prescribe and they are happy getting results and coming back more often for facial treatments and actually understanding how important #SKINCARE #skincareroutines and amazing product for your skin type works.... #me #allday #happyme and people that know me know that I willllllllll bust this move. #trustme #dontplay

Maggy (@maggypl)

This Origins face wash is truly amazing, this is my 5th tubes. I ll definitely re stock. Currently Trying on this kiehl face wash#origins#facewash #skincareroutines #cosmetic #kiehls #cosmetic #pictureoftheday #weekendvibes

Brigita Hills (@bee__lifestyle)

Hapoy half-term! I have decided to start using a new bullet journal on the 1st of November because the one I am using nkw is sadly running out of space😢. But I'm really exiced to use this one!

No Filter Marta (@iamnotabeautyblogger)

Today’s A.M routine...... I am loving the Paula’s choice Clear for my acne. The pimple that was forming under my nose looks smaller overnight!!! My skin does feel a little tight, but the results are amazing! It has the level of strength just right for my skin without drying it out. ✳️Cleanser: Paula’s Choice Clear pore normalizing cleanser makes your face feel very clean. ✳️Toner: Paula’s Choice pore reducing.
✳️Treatment: Paula’s Choice daily skin clearing. only applying on problem areas. ✳️Optimizer: Clinique Even better clinical dark spot corrector
✳️ Moisturizer: Paula’s Choice skin recovery daily moisturizing lotion with SPF 30. .
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