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Ok... so it’s been about 6 weeks since I started using this new marine flower peptide serum from Éminence. The verdict :: I can see visible positive changes. Overall tone and texture have drastically improved. And even though this product is not meant to improve melasma, mine has significantly improved (the ingredients are anti inflammatory). The brown and red tones have both lightened. Part of that is because we have transitioned from summer, but I’m in California and we still are experiencing summer time weather. I usually have to do a strong peel this time of year to lighten sun damage. My skin is plumper, and lines around my eyes have almost gone away completely. Overall this product is a hit and I wanted to share the positive review. 💜🍋
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[Water Come] set of products a home brand from Watsons
Suggest by the beauty consultant in the store
Worst products I had ever used
While using some samples, which I have many because I bought a lot, they're normal. Some even good.
Once I stopped, itchy, redness, peeling, and a pimple that hurts.
Did some digging online, either you get allergy straight away or get dependence on its industrial chemicals, wow
And although the company name has the word "French" on it, they're made in China

Watsons are banned forever for unknown skin products brand for me from now on.
Stay away from beauty consultant too. They got extra paid for the home brand products they sell, even the products aren't suitable for your skin at all.

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let's talk about skincare 😁: I have to say, I was a little skeptical when i introduced The African Black Soap cleanser into my skincre routine- simply because my skin is sensative and i didnt know how it will respond. So I have been using the product to clense my face twice a day for the past two months and my skin has improved  significantly ever since . My skin has changed for the better, it is well nourished , softer, looking radiant and it's definitely glowing a lot more. My "Dull looking skin" days are finally over🙌🏽! And Makeup is hardly ever necessary. ☺️NOTHING else has had this effect on my skin.  And What I like more about this product is that a little really goes a LONG way , I only need to use just a little bit every time i cleanse my face. I'm glad i finally found a product that works wonders for my skin.
Order yours now! @ www.oamobu.co.za
And use this code: OAMOBUJUDIE to get a discount.

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So it has been 3 weeks, no filter (shit it's a bit hairy)
Compare to the last one I definitely don't think it helped much .... let's use till the end of the tube and see what happen then... I guess!

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Deena Scar, bought from Australian pharmacy.
Gonna apply it twice a day for a week or two, then upload the result✨

This is former keloid from a surgical wound, done several scar steroid injections on it, now it's mainly pigment left. Scars are real pain in the ass.
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Skin Care Sunday➡️:
I’ve had a hard time finding the right moisturizer that suits my oily skin. A little more than a month ago I decided to give @bentoncosmetic Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel a try. Within a few weeks of usage I saw that, even under the annoying hot an humid summer weather (I live in the Caribbean😬), the moisturizer works amazing! My skin doesn't feel extra oily, the gel doesn't affect my make up and the fact that it contains 80% of aloe barbadensis leaf juice helps my easily irritated skin. Also as described in the product “Propolis extract is well known for skin relaxation that leads to relief of skin…” Today I use this moisturizer day and night, its gel texture feels cool on my skin when I apply it and it’s absorbed really quickly. I totally recommend it👍🏽‼️
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Botani Nourishing Active Eye Cream
Bought from Aus pharmacy, sting the shit out of my eyes and almost thought I got a fake product

Turns out it has alcohol in it, or maybe because of something else I don't know, made me tearful D:

And it's not even a cheap brand! Maybe just not for me :( Rip eyes and money

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Anti-Pollutant Hero found in OK Magazine // MICELLAR TREATMENT GEL protects and cleanses the skin without water, neutralises the effect of pollutants to prevent premature aging and skin damage. healthy skin in only 7 days! .
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S K I N G O A L S. 😩❤️🙌🏼 #Repost @priyeshka (@get_repost)
This beautiful product -Matis Fundamental beautifying cream- is the secret behind my baby soft glowing skin!!! My skin usually gets really dry and flakey during winter, but thanks to Matis youthful range my skin is so happy! #beautytips

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So I tried this spa splurge black lace collagen mask tonight.
I had a little trouble getting it on and staying on for the 15 to 20 minutes that it recommends but once I pulled it off after 20 minutes I did feel like my skin was a little tighter. I don't see any immediate results but there is a second mask that I'll put on tomorrow night.
The box reads:
"This unique face mask will unveil a gorgeous new you feeling like a goddess is maskell provide anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate and soft and skin while promoting brightening and lightening of the skin tone while filling of the fine lines and wrinkles The Mask will ensure spot results and radiant skin"
I will say it smells really great and the gummy like material that the mask was made out of didn't irritate my skin any. Will post updates.....
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Tonight's routine using my microneedle therapy system for the first time, because I normally get monthly chemical peels. What is the Derma Roller System?
The Derma Roller (also known as a skin roller or microneedle roller) is a revolutionary hand-held device which has the ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin to promote healthier skin cells in the body. Using 200 extremely fine medical-grade needles, the dermaroller painlessly creates microchannels in your skin which trigger the body's natural healing process to create new, healthier tissue to replace the imperfections of older skin. By renewing your skin cells regularly, you will be able to treat common problems we experience as we age such as wrinkles, skin hyperpigmentation, scars (including acne scars), uneven skin, stretch marks (usually developed after pregnancy), hair loss or it can simply be used to create smoother skin. @vivierpharma @pcaskin @hydropeptide @yonkausa #microneedling #lovetheskinyourein #asethician #asthetics #skinblogger #skinproductreview #skinaddict #skintherapist

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Nuxe Paris Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream
Bought from Aus pharmacy

Light, easy to apply and absorb, suitable for sensitive skin (I have very sensitive skin)

I had some fine lines and dark circles from work and lack of sleep. Don't think this product helped any of it :( The moisturising level is normal but doesn't last too long for me.
But I like that it's very mild and easy to use.... I had worse and better

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1일 1팩 , hell yeaa 🤙🏼 완전 피부 다 뒤집어져가지고 맨날 찡찡댔는데 요새 화장 잘먹어서 화장 할 맛 나네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ🙈
좋은건 공유 🙌🏼 미국에서 한국상품 찾기 힘들었는데 #감덩 😭😭😭
15% off code : grandopen 요고요고 할인도😏
It's too pretty to use.. #취향저격 i already used half of them🤦🏻‍♀️

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Bare minerals oil obsessed cleansing oil
Retails: $30
Skin type: For all skin types
Places to buy: Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, Nordstrom
I love using this oil cleanser for my tough makeup. I would then follow up with a foam cleanser. Yay for double cleansing, each skin is different so this is based on my opinion. It is said it contains
Mineral-rich sea salts: Cultivated from the waters off the coast of Brittany, these sea salts, rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium, help purify and refine the skin.
Bilberry: Grown in Europe and handpicked in the wild underbrush, the oil of Bilberry is valued for its skin soothing properties.
Borage: The oil derived from the seeds of the bright, purple flower is known to soothe and nourish the skin.
Sunflower: Significant to Native Americans as a source for nutritional, medicinal and ceremonial practices, the emollient oil contains skin-loving vitamins and omega 9 to help nourish skin.
Cucumber: The lightweight oil from the cucumber fruit helps nourish and hydrate skin while encouraging resilience. #bareminerals #skinproducts #cleansing #cleansingoil #beauty #beautyreviews #skinreview #skinproductreview #ulta #sephora #macy #nordstrom

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Today, POLISH would like to share with you the amazing benefits of using DR. MURAD Intensive C Radiance Peel that we carry here in the salon!
This amazing skin care product is an intensive treatment that instantly brightens skin to reveal a younger, more radiant complexion whilst helping to reduce the signs of ageing. It brightens, smoothes and hydrates skin, reversing the signs of environmental ageing. An easy to use, at-home treatment which enhances luminosity to reveal a more radiant complexion. This product got many good reviews and recommendations.
In fact it is Rated 5/5 by The Daily Mail, and Winner - Best For Radiance - RSVP magazine Beauty Awards 2016 also Winner - Best Peel - Notebook Magazine Beauty Awards 2016.

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Thanks for the skin care package! Trying out the P.D.F mask from @gumiidotshop Check out thier prage for tons of great deals and cool products. Full video on my YouTube channel
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剛從泰國代購返嚟,當地朋友知snail white 含成份Triethanoamine簡稱T.E.A


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