Destination Bornholm (@destinationbornholm)

Svaneke by night... Imagine a relaxed holiday or weekend getaway in these surroundings ✨What is your favorite destination on Bornholm? ☺️
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SHANNON MAY (@shannonamay)

Walking into the weekend like. 🐱
PS - this was one of my favorite photos from 2017! I'm not usually a cat person.. but this was a SUPER cute & friendly little fella.
It def took a few attempts to get this shot:
- Set up my @jobyinc tripod on the ground 📸
- Walked down the alleyway so the cat would follow me & there was distance from the camera 😜
- Ran back to the camera & snapped a photo when the cat came running back towards me. 👟

Jing (@blackcatjing)

My favourite beach in the world, I have been here a lots of times, still do love it. #greenpool #denmark #beach #swimming #nature #australia #smalltown #myfavoritethings

abilenemachine (@abilenemachine)

listen to tom waits all day and fire trucks going down the main drag #outfitfriday #shopgirl #summer #smalltown #2622 #bernardoffs #vintage #linen #apron

Debbie (@dejayne)

Early morning. For the past 3 yrs and 8 months I've opened our bedroom curtains to fields and hills. Now the diggers have moved in and over the next 4 years 78 homes are going to be built behind us, beside us and in front of us. We're basically losing every inch of green space around us. I'm trying to think positively and give thanks for our back garden (small and grossly uneven though it is) but I must admit I'm already feeling hemmed in. And I guess I'll have to start closing the bedroom curtains when I'm getting ready! Haha #smalltown #houseseverywhere #profitsbeforepeople #itsjustsad

Karolina Kruk (@kaka_nka)

It’s quite a nice town if you use a good filter 😉 #smalltown #bochnia #noplacelikehome

Bea Chambers (@beachambers3)

A K A R O A:
I think I've found the cutest town in New Zealand