Shakira & Rihanna (@shakiraerihanna)

Boa noite aumiguinhos !
Hoje a dona Shakira deu um jeito de ultrapassar a cerca da piscina e pulou na piscina cheia de cloro pois o piscineiro havia acabado de limpar, ficou 4 horas internada pq engoliu a água da piscina com cloro , agora já está bem 🙏🏻 , e a irmãzinha Rihanna está um grude nela cuidando dela ❤️❤️❤️

Pichu Sonreído / Smiley Pichu (@pichusonreido)

Cuando me mamá me lleva a haced compas... me abudro #PichuSonreído 🐶🐶🐶 When my mommy takes me shopping... boring #SmileyPichu

Tess & Paolo Italian Greyhound (@contessatheiggy)

P here. Sis isn’t talking to me because cousin Dottie and I briefly overthrew her this weekend. Dottie attempted to put legislation in place that would put me next in line to the throne when she goes back to Columbus, but we couldn’t pass it in time. So now, Tess is queen again and I’m paying for my sins AND Dottie’s 😩

Bella, CGC👑 (@greatgoldenbella)

A lady is never properly dressed without a smile...and a winter plaid bandana❤️🖤 #trendy #keepingupwithfashion

Cookie Monster (@cmthegroodle)

They say it's 2 wks between a good and a bad haircut...I'm still waiting...🙄😬🤣
#skinned #greyhound #nofloof #tongueouttuesday #tot

Abby 💛 SoCal's Sweetest Golden (@socalgolden)

When Santa says you’re on the ‘nice’ list 🎁

Handler: Koyote Moone (@bannerthesuperdog)

Max and I met the nicest Santa today at the mall. Mom had to get some new shoes (her moccasins blew out :( ) but we got to meet Santa!

I let him know that I had been such a good girl and I need a Star Wars blanket for Christmas (Dark Side Only mwhahahaahahaha) and he said maybe.

Max said he was good too but I think he just wants my blanket.... #santapaws #santaclaws #santaisreal #starwarsblanket

zubasticna (@zubasticna)

Novi prijatelj.(već su, nažalost, počeli s petardama).
🐩 #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogadoption #udomljavanjepasa #chicathedog #walkingthedog #psi #sniffandbarkens
A new friend. (and the fireworks have, sadly, already started)😞.