BrittneyGibson🐜 (@brittneydgibson)

Idk why but I love this picture! We drank a bunch of whiskey and walked in the woods. I'm glad I took my camera out this day. (The one snow day we got)

Carol (@allgoudathings)

Steak, asparagus, and hash browns for dinner tonight 😙 | Mom's Kitchen and Bar, Astoria, NYC

Deana Wagner (@deana.wagner)

In honor of your new Instagram, I'm going to first put this collage of our ridiculously old photos here. Thanks for saving my life more times than I can count. Thanks for keeping better track of my life than I ever could. Thanks for being the only human on the planet to tolerate me, and love me, for more than 17 years. Thanks for having my back in every fight, whether I was wrong or right. Thanks for helping me move 15 times in three years. Thanks for letting me live in your haunted spare bedroom. And waking me up for school on my last day of senior year. Thanks for doing most of my homework. Thanks for feeding me cake and lasagna, made by you, with love. Thanks for making twin oaks the best worst place to eat. Thanks for being that friend, whom no matter how long we go without talking, we pick right back up where we left off. Always. I could keep going. But lastly, thanks for actually reading this whole rant. In honor of random outdated Facebook memories, I love you. #seventeenyears #bestfriendappreciationpost #bestfriends #babies #rants #lawlz #imissyou #thatnightyoudied #youandnotme #snowday (that snow day that I was supposed to be grounded for, but I made up a loophole) #matchingbabyblankets #popcicles #thoseglasses 😂😂

Morgan Rose (@morganrwass)

Watch out Tennis world..there's a new Serena in town! 🎾

C H R I S T I E B✌️ (@christiebell187)

Those feels when you realise you only have 20 work days left until you are unemployed for the first time in ELEVEN YEARS!
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Beau and Some. (@lunalawolf)

Edit: Unintentional throw back to foster pup Effie, this has been buffering for months!
First snow experience of the day yesterday.
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