🎀 Rita (@mrs__rita)

Rare sono le persone che usano la mente, poche coloro che usano il cuore e uniche coloro che usano entrambi... 💟

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Mary Louisa Hewitt (@wherewillshegonext)

So about this weekend...❄️
Yeah, maybe one day things will go according to plan, but until then I'll just be over here sweating and laughing through the pain of carrying Copper back out off a mountain in the Colorado backcountry.🐶
More later, but for now, it's time for a run.💪🏼

Little Mole (@themolepack)

It took ages to build an entrance with that tiny shovel. But even Hedge can now enter the igloo conveniently😁
Es hat Ewigkeiten gedauert, mit der kleinen Schaufel einen Eingang zu bauen. Aber jetzt kommt sogar der Igel bequem ins Iglu.😁