Pulgastheenglishbulldog (@pulgastheenglishbulldog)

I like to lay down on empty boxes :) supposedly helping out to build a basketball net 😝

Billy (William) Huse (@billy__huse)

Say hello to the new pup, Roxann!
Even though she has Spina Bifida and was abused in her old home, her happiness doesn’t show it
Thanks to the @socalbulldogrescue Roxann will be able to live the rest of her life as happy as can be
Go follow her Instagram account we’re starting for her to stay in tune to what’s up @roxann.the.bully.pup
#socalbulldogrescue #socalbullies #englishbulldog

Roxann (@roxann.the.bully.pup)

Roxann is the newest edition to our family thanks to the @socalbulldogrescue
She’s only 2 years old and lives with Spina Bifida, making her incontinent...But despite this and former abuse, she is as happy and friendly as can be! We look forward to making the rest of her life the best we possibly can.
Welcome home Roxann!
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