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Fotograf sahibi/ Photo by: @mfaslan
Photo  selected by @hilal_keskin
Olympus .
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Sokha Marky (@sokhapicture)

Krovan temple unique for its stone color. Don’t miss this little beauty if you are in Siem Reap it’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful.
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Los Coast, Austin, 2017

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Who's ready for the weekend? 🙌🙌
🌲 Photo by @zmelhus | #folkfilm

Saktian Mulyana R (@rodagenic)

one of my favorite picture and i miss them
they are the incredible dancer i've ever seen
hit them up !!

and one of my favorite DOP @fishide_
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Jack Makin 🌱 (@_jacksjourney_)

Not my usual type of photography but an important one with a powerful message... {long caption warning}

Coincidentally our trip to Bali coincided with a terrifying time for the people there, the volcano Mt Agung is extremely active right now and according to seismologists it is a case of when, not if it goes off. Last time this volcano erupted in 1963 over a thousand souls were tragically lost.
As we were exploring Bali and meeting the lovely local people I had an overwhelming feeling that we had to do something and come together as human beings to help the less fortunate. We drove up way in to the 'red zones' surrounding the volcano and luckily due to a local friend we got past the army road blocks and took supplies with us to people like this lovely Balinese lady. We gave what we could, things such as rice, noodles, money and other things they haven't got access to anymore.
The one thing that struck me and I'll remember for the rest of my life was the sense of community there is in Indonesia, people help each other in times of need. Sometimes people who, from an outside perspective have nothing, are actually the most content and happy people in the world.

I'm not posting this to get credit for helping people etc. I'm doing it to raise awareness and hopefully make you think about how lucky we are and how helping people is what life's about. This lady and the other people we met had more of an impact on me than I did with them and I'll never stop being grateful for that.