Chris Hubbard (@stumpyvision)

Is this the most perfect beachbreak in the world? Check my latest blog post for all the info on one of the most perfect waves I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Portrait Club (@portraitclub)

We present you this amazing portrait
• Shot by @kai.boet
• Model - @alliiisa
• Selected by - @RillyVisuals
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LifeSauntering (@lifesauntering)

Corn cobs drying under the sun. It is common to see corn and other cereals laid to dry on asphalt or dirt of back roads.

John Hollands (@john_or_jahn)

Missing the sun and the shore of home in the gray rain of NYC.
#vancouver #ocean #beautiful
Shot on the Sony A7ii in West Vancouver, Canada
Shutter Speed 1500
ISO 100

irby 🎣 (@stevesweatpants)

You think I do parkour for a living papa. #sonyalpha#alphacollective#streetdreamsmag

T.H.S (@adrinoviana)

Cause in the sky full of stars, I think I see you 🎶
#sonya6000 #sonyalpha6000 #sonyalpha