Elizabeth Amariles (@elizasaurus)

"I love the floor, the floor is great. Just kidding, what have you done with our couch?" -Sookie

through time and space (@mylasttimelord)

4. True Blood
Well, what can I say about True Blood? I've heard about it years ago, my sister watched it months ago, I watched it week's ago,the whole show in 6 weeks I think. That were bloody, naked and sexy 6 weeks. It was.. this show left me speechless sometimes. When I've watched the first episodes I wanted to stop it, bc there was so much sex, and that's actually not the thing I would like to watch 🙈😄 but I didn't give up and from day to day I was a little bit more obssesed, with @stephenmoyer, @nelsanellisofficial, @rutina_wesley, Alexander Skarsgard and all the others. I could decide between #bookie and #sooric, but in the end of was loving #bookie a little bit more. I didn't agree with the end, Bill is dead, Sookie gets a random man, but at least Jessica and Hoyt was endgame 😍😍 If you're old enough, watch it, you won't regret it

Standard Poodles in Dallas, TX (@cityscapepoodles)

Poodles and pears 🍐 #Sookie #Rufus standardpoodlesofinstagram

Dakota Rae Luevanos (@dakota_luevanooooo_)

Sorry! I had to post this! I'm just really missing these girls right now! I miss my bed buddies. My cuddlebugs. Lol. My furbabies❤️ . Sorry for the red face, that was the last time I was with them. Crying like no other. 😩😭😭 #furbabies#sookie#bellbell#bae#cuddle#missthem#likecrazy#dakotatakesmilan

Kodachrome & Sookie (@koda_the_velociraptor)

Buuuut...this big ball of sun is hot. Momma keeps saying it's breezy. She's not wearing a fur coat. 🐶😂🐶
But, Sookie thinks it's fun to scratch her belly. Her allergies are bad. Poor sissy. #texassunshine #mamasbabies #mygirls #kodachrome #sookie #frenchies #frenchieofig #frenchbulldogs #frenchiesofinstagram #niceday #relaxingday

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Hallo Quincy wollen wir uns mal beim Italiener eine Pasta teilen? #love #flirt #dog #sookie @herrcurrywurst