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Silicone Macaron shape Mat
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Snō|ι›ͺ (@icejin.snow)

β €β €β €Frieza's ship;β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €after arriving in the main planet that the Frieza force had the main base built upon, Snow stepped out of his ship looking left and right, few soldiers arrived to greet their general and one of them had a towel since he saw the monarch having his hands covered in blood. Snow took the towel and wiped his hands with it. "Thank you. But most importantly, I need to take care of something." He walked off to the few sectors that had ships in them, finally, Snow found it, the ship that Frieza was last seen in, the one that he invaded earth with. Of course, it was brought back from earth by some soldiers without the Z-fighters would know. The doorway to the ship would split open. From the inside the ship was dirty, dusty, and dark. Spiders everywhere spreading their whips. Snow ignored all of it and went to the main computer in the ship as his footsteps would cause echoes. He finally found the computer searching for something, recording files. He found one that was undamaged, once he clicked on it the battle of Frieza and Goku appeared in the screen. "Is that~ a saiyan?" He sped it up a little and stopped when Goku transformed into his super saiyan blue form. "That's this? Could it be.. The super saiyan!?" He whispered to himself, it was the first time it was confirmed to him that the super saiyan is real as he never saw one in person. He then sped up the video once more, Frieza was transforming into his golden Form, but after he did the tape crashed only showing a glimpse of the form. He was In utter shock. "Frieza has a new form-!? I see... That's what he didn't want me to know... In that case I can gain that power too. But also this confirms that Frieza was killed there.. That saiyan must have overpowered him. The time will come for it." And thus, after gaining his info, he left the ship. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €