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Ayyy @__therealmauni__ did my challenge 🔥👀🤘🏾 WHOS NEXT⁉️ Do it and use the hashtag - #ThinkingLikeTay , DUBSMASH - Lil cray

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@souljaboy must be fuckin niggas or something in his phone he willing to pay 20 racks to get it back? I lose my phone today nigga can keep it I got some numbers and pics of me and my girl non naked shit no wires shit keep it niggas gotta stop bein weirdos and then losing ur phone won't be such a issue there's nothing to bribe me with in my phone niggas need to get there shit in order smh #hesgay #gottabe #whatareyouhiding #bigsoulja #findmyiphone #fuckgoinon #souljaboychallenge

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Fucking facts g
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RIP Dray🙏🏾❤️30k?😊 (@driplikegen)

That toe spin was painful 😂them adidas have no toe support😭😂

RIP Dray🙏🏾❤️30k?😊 (@driplikegen)

Who saw that comming?🔥🔥

RIP Dray🙏🏾❤️30k?😊 (@driplikegen)

Who lil brother not lit?😂🔥🔥