K E N N E D Y 👸🏻 (@18kennedy)

God, give us the reason youth is wasted on the young #soundmind #adamlevine #loststars 💫⭐️💥

Залесова Наталия (@nafaanechka)

"Композиция из натюрморта и пейзажа" О.Я. Рабин
Примерно так себя ощущаешь, когда тебя просят выровнять левую и правую сторону🌚🌝 для тех, кто понимает, о чем я. #yogaprojectekb #yoga #yogaproject #soundmind #soundbody #balance

Wasila Giwa🇳🇬 (@iamwasilaj)

Ladies love yourself in the process.. 50pounds since then 88 more pounds to go... never give up on yourself keep pushing towards your goals you are the only thing that can stop yourself from being GREAT.... Birthday body #thatblackgiwa #iamwasilaj #weightloss #timetobonceback #GROWTH #healthybody #soundmind #peace #time #notimetowaste #life

Love2Run (@love2runat30a)

Leave your worries and stress behind for awhile, go for a run!! Make your run more enjoyable in a new pair of Asics shoes! #asicsrunning #beachrun #stressrelief #soundmind #soundbody #irun #runitout #getoutthereandrun #love2runat30a

Béatrice Bijoux, Esq. (@bijouxinjurylawfirm)

Good morning Instagram friends! Here is Morning inspiration and wise words to start off your day!
#InnerPeace #SoundMind #BijouxLawFirm #Picoftheday #Igers #Peace #Love

Béatrice Bijoux, Esq. (@bijouxinjurylawfirm)

Good morning Instagram friends! Here is Morning inspiration and wise words to start off your day!
#InnerPeace #SoundMind #BijouxLawFirm #Picoftheday #Igers

Cavin Enterprises (@teamseedtimeharvest)

Don't let fear STOP you, keep believing and plant your seeds! 🙏🏾
Click link in bio or call the number on our flyer to learn more. DM me so I can email you a flyer and print out to start.
#Teamseedtimeharvest #God #Business #Money #Faith #Cash #Wealth #Assets #Financial #Blessing #Nofear #Soundmind #Inheritance

J E N N P R A T T (@jgpratt13)

"Love the life you have WHILE you create the life of your dreams. Don't think you have to choose one over the other."

Y'all, I became a coach for THE highest level of accountability! I was in a rut & I needed help getting out of it. I knew that if someone else NEEDED me to show up, I'd be more likely to go all in with my own health FOR THEM rather than for myself. I did it for the discount on the awesome nutrition! Because when ya find something that works, you do what you have to do to make it happen! •
What I didn't expect was to find a group of people that got me, that pushed me, & encouraged me! I didn't expect to GROW as a person or a leader! I didn't expect to push my limits & face my fears! I didn't expect to go on fancy earned trips, to make money from this, or to truly learn the power of paying it forward! •
There was no way of knowing how my life would be different until I did it & JUMPED!

& now I'm looking for 3 women that not only wanna get in the best shape of their lives but to teach em how to make a living with their own business from home, to be their own boss, & manage their own time...to chase their DREAMS! •
There aren't any special qualifications needed! I'll teach you everything I know & get you plugged into the elite training that my team & I have!

If you're a freakin go-getter & you have a passion for health & fitness & this is tuggin on your heart a bit...let's chat! What do you have to lose? Comment below or send me a message 😘
Beachbody doesn't guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

J E N N P R A T T (@jgpratt13)

Life is too darn short & precious to spend it hating yourself, negative, unhealthy, & miserable! •
If you want something... GO AFTER IT! Stop wishing time away!

Working out is my stress reliever, my confidence boost, my gains maker, & one of the best ways (aside from God's word) I've learned about myself! •
Another workout in & another day confirming to myself that I have what it takes! I AM disciplined! & I am enough in Jesus's name!!! •
How can I help youuuuuu?