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I dont like to focus my energy on sadness, because I understand it may go #downtherabbithole. But this is aligned with my #lifepath & my reason for being on this beautiful planet & so I feel it is important for me to share

#Sunday, another powerful #guardianangel ascended to the #higherself. My Mom's mom passed from #sepsis, which says you have A LOT of #toxins in your blood, aka #parasite #poop. My #lifegoals are to spread #awareness of the presence of #parasites in the human body, & attempt to bring heaven back to earth. The last time I saw my grandmother (Aug 2015) she was losing her will to live. She dealt with #depressionandanxiety almost her whole life. She also lived on canned #spam & canned corn as well as candy even though she was #diabetic, she was addicted to processed junk food. I told her that I believe that the reason people have depression/ anxiety is because their spirit is trying to fight something inside of the body. We are always absorbing & transmuting energy, so if we experience #trauma & we do not fully release it (& create a blockage), we may #manifest a physical internal vampire that feeds off of those negative energies & influences you to do things that might be bad for your spirit. I personally feel deeply that these vampires thrive in an acidic environment & if you can restore balance back to the #pure alkaline state, outside bacteria & virus or #parasites will not thrive. Your body will protect you! Alkalizing helps to remove excess mucus build up & so there will be no extra mucus for the bacteria to stagnate & colonize
I tried to explain 2 her if she added bentonite clay, clinoptilolite #zeolite & activated charcoal to her #diet as well as organic green vegetables from a #garden & stopped eating processed junk food & got daily exercise, she could help #detox the body from heavy metals in her liver & parasitic bacteria that feed off her life essence. & in turn her will to live. Because that's what parasites do. They take & take & take until there is nothing left of you & then they move onto their next prey. I see it everywhere, everyday. Parasites feed on #drama & #suffering. Do we all have them?

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ignore me tryna be cute and what notπŸ˜“πŸ’—

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hey everyone it’s been awhile!! school has been killin me with stressπŸ˜…anyway swipe left to see an angel 🌟


Y'all people out there bullying y'all better fucken stop,you guys don't know how much you're hurting that person,how would you like it if they did the same to you,it doesn't matter if we are skinny,fat,tall,short,gay,lesbian,trans,etc...we are all the same!!!, so STOP BULLYING!!! βœ‹
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i think one of my favorite feelings laughing with someone and realizing part of the way through how much you enjoy them and their existence. i miss my best friend every day and every time i take pictures i think of her. i love you @elles.t