ELISYOGA 💫 (@elisandyoga)

Happy 90' birthday to this amazing woman, who's not only a nonna to me, but also a mother, the strongest cancer survivor I've ever met and the best life lesson I could ever ask for ❤️💛💜💚 I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. I know I still have a long way ahead me and I wish I was more like her. However, I'm happy I can still learn today from her stories, her advices, her lessons and her dreams! As she still is a great dreamer with bright eyes.
Thank you to be here nonna, I love you so much ❤️😘

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Mariela (@onlysoulremains)

Don't let all those frustrations get to you! . A lot of responsibilities coming through but you can see beyond the surface!. Take your thoughts to another level! You can transcend the unproductive and repetitive behaviours and transform them into something positive!! -------------------------------------------
Predicción para hoy 14/10
No dejes que las frustraciones té influencien! Van a venir muchas responsabilidades y emociones un tanto negativas que tu puedes transcender y discriminar cuales son útiles y cuales no . Vos podes darte cuenta del comportamiento obsesivo y repetitivo que genera tu mente ! #predicciones #predictions #todaysprediction #todayspredictions #numerology #numerologia #astros #numerologa #spitiruality #spiritual #souljourney

Shannon Latoyah (@shannonlatoyah)

Day 80: I’ve decided that I really like it in London.Its definitely been one of the most successful decisions I’ve made (getting full funding,making new friends and getting a lovely job at the Natural History Museum) despite being absolutely terrified about moving away from my first love Birmingham. I’m happy,less anxious and fully charged with lovely energy!! #100happydays #trinity #greenwichpark #greenwich #london #spitiruality #buddhism #hope #chakra #reiki #reikihealing #angelicreiki

LifeAdvice (@lifeadviceplz)

✌🏻This is a really cute habit to get into at night when you're waiting to fall asleep. As you lie there, try and thinking of 3 things that you appreciate in your life. They don't need to be Earth-shattering - I think sometimes the simpler the better. By that time at night, my mind is usually racing after a busy day, so I normally manage about 2 before I'm asleep once all of the distracting sub-thoughts, tangents and distractions are navigated. It's useful, though, in settling your anxiety a wee bit and making you smile 😁. When I was really into this I used to add it on to the bottom of my reflective 'journal' which helped through a time when I was feeling frustrated, trapped and generally down. Looking at them now in black and white makes me realise how silly some of them are but like I say that's ok. Here's a few that I've just found on my phone 🙈
I'm grateful for...
- Having ***** ***** as a laid back, friendly and helpful ENT registrar (senior surgeon when I was doing otolaryngology - I still can't say it either)👨‍⚕️
- The universe allowing me to cannulate that 'difficult' patient with the tricky veins (paraphrased for social media)
- Cake. Birthday cake. A great healer and the cheaper the better. Preferably in a tray. And not just on birthdays.
- Having @emernugent as a housemate. She's fun and cool and thinks the same about me and she puts up with my mess and me being weird sometimes. 🦄
-Having a washing machine to get all my dirty clothes nice and clean again 👗
💡So....yeah....There's a few ideas for you... but don't get mad at me if you come to realise you're an ungrateful swine 🐷 I'm sure it will come with practice.
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