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So proud of my husband, check out this lunch he made!! He busted out the George Foreman grill...I’m not even joking if you have one in your garage from years ago bust it is the best for grilling tofu, veggies, hash browns etc!!! He grilled a cooked potato, tofu and green onions and topped it with homemade bbq tahini 🌱💪🏻 .
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Meatless Monday staples tonight of raw and cooked greens, poached shrimp and a portion of red rice. 🍚Today has been a long day of mainly talking about importance of portion control - barring greens, it is important to know what your portions of proteins and carbohydrates should look like. 🍚
This is critically important for those struggling with chronic obesity and cardiovascular diseases. So again, it is important to keep saying that calories are not enemies, you need to know what YOU need to support your health and general wellbeing. 🍚
So, a portion of rice 👆🏻is 80gr of cooked product or 1/3 cup. Before anybody starts getting hyperventilated, this number is not my invention but is a recommendation of British Dietetic Association @britishdieteticassociation . This IS a portion and not a quarter of a plate, third of a plate, a palm size, a sponge size and the rest of incoherent commonly seen on social media comparisons. 🍚So next time you see someone on Instagram giving nutritional advice of 'calories don't matter, eat for health' without any mandate to talk about nutrition at all, then you should know that in many very not photogenic for Instagram cases, calories and calorie control safes lives and that you can 'eat for health' whilst doing an incredible damage to your body.
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You see our last post about our Super bowl Party? 🏈 Who is joining us?

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QUESTION // Brooke, how do you not get tired of salads!? <-A frequent question I get. The key to enjoying salads erryday is variety & flavor! Mix & match veggies (raw/cooked), protein, toppings, and even fruit! I have go-to toppings that bump up the flavor game like @traderjoes Everything But The Bagel seasoning, tahini, and coconut aminos. I sometimes add lemon juice or a bright zing! 😋 Change up your salad combos to keep meals fun! Today’s salad is roasted salmon + cucumbers + mixed greens + grape tomatoes + beets + my go-to toppings. I have a version of this every day 👏🏼 if y’all have any questions or want more examples for yummy salad combos, DM me!

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Ready to dig in!

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Box of macarons for dessert? I think yes! 🐄🇫🇷

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Got some bowls to comfort my stomach. They are super delicious fresh hand made udon @meijinoodle .

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Excuse my French (toast) but I’m in heaven ♥️ #thefoodmood

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... and if all else fails, you come see angelo for a #smoresmartini #happyhouratjiroz

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Shrooming hard today 🍄😋 .
Royal Trumpet and Maitake Pizza from @gessoresto

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Chateau knows dumplings, do you?⠀
Design by Eliza Stein

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Save you a bite? Wheel see about that... [📷: @southerncoffeelover]

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Thanks for spending your birthday celebration with us, and thank you for the lovely post! Regram from @samuelmk. #happybelated #theodeon

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BTS shots of channel letter covers we made for Woo Korean BBQ.