Megan McClusky (@megmcclusky)

When you get a giant Tonka truck for your birthday but all you care about is the tiny star wars figurine... πŸ™Š #hisfathersson #likefatherlikeson #starwars #starwarsnerd #birthdayboy #babysilas

Abigail Rachel (@abigailrachelfitness)

You can't cheat the grind! You'll never get something in life that you didn't earn!
"Deserve" is a toxic word. Whenever I start a sentence or a thought with "I deserve..." I stop and remember that I deserve nothing, I must EARN my seat every single day.
I must work every day toward what I'm chasing and I won't reach it or get it until I've earned it. πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’₯

Lydia J Williams (@lydiajoywilliams)

Finally got round to putting up these cross stitches in my Star Wars bathroom #nerdalert

John van den Hof (@frostbite1313)

This Saturday I will be at @bigbangcomics in Dundrum, Dublin with the @emerald.garrison if anybody wants to come say Hello.


Inspired by some of Chris McVeigh's (aka @powerpig) early work (look for his dancing Chewie, Luke & Han).

Geelong Trooper (@geelongtrooper)

Who needs a glow stick when you've got a #lightsaber? Nice one Brian!