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Good shooters hit open shots. Great shooters create open shots. #SideSteps #StepBacks #KnockDownCity #lexiegersonbasketball

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I know there are people ‘watching’ to see if I actually transform with everything I do. I hope y’all realize that I am always going to be a work in progress and it’s not at all easy for me. I never thought I’d be ABLE to do what I do but God always has better plans than me. He knew I would love this lifestyle. He knew I would rock it if given the opportunity. He GAVE me this. How do I know for sure it was a gift from Him? Well, it brought me BACK to him after 20 years of wandering around with no real purpose in life. Now I am a completely different human. From the INSIDE out! And guess what, I just finished Phase 1 (30 Days) and I’m DOWN 11 pounds and TEN inches. And some of you say what I do ‘doesn’t work’? No. It’s that you TRIED it, you didn’t DO IT!!! 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼👭🏋🏻‍♀️😅💥

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ช่วยมาทำร้ายชั้นให้แรงขึ้นอีก!!!!!!!!!!! #ไม่เอาละมะ #กลัวววววว #กลัวใจตัวเอง #stepbacks

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Ohhhh tonight’s class was amazzzzzing again. I can see so much growth happening already. It’s just how GOOD God is to hand pick the ladies for the class this year. We are still welcoming more members if you need healing from your past, this is the class for you! PM me if you have any interest and live in or around Turlock! New Life CC is where I found my New Life and I am forever grateful for it! 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼☺️💆🏻

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bright eyed and excited to start this adventure with young minds . God has hand His hand in every step of my career so far. And it’s been a wild ride.
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One more thing we were asked to do in our challenge group and at first I was like HECK NO. I am NOT Putting those jeans on. No way. I know they don’t fit and I know how it’s going to make me feel. But today. After I took my first weeks progress photos I was like dang. I probably need that kind of motivation. So I did it. And I’m posting it for accountability. 🙈I WILL get into those size 3/4 jeans once again. And I will STAY in them next time. I have the tools and I know what to do. I just need time, consistency and follow through cus I am NOT buying anymore jeans for myself until I do. And I am really only able to wear ‘stretchy pants’ at this point. Okay? NOT OKAY. 👌🏼

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WOW, I was asked to take these progress photos for my 80 DO Coach Test group and I’m sure glad I did! I wasn’t feeling THAT much different but it’s incredible what only 10 DAYS of exercise and eating CLEAN can do for a persons body! NOW I KNOW, I have a way to go still. 72 days until my FIRST round is done and then I’ll do it again leading me right up to Summer 2018! I wanna look GOOD at the Beachbody Summit this year! Haha I got GOALS y’all. Places to go and people to see! This is my ‘Comeback’ year and I’m totally ready for it! If you need to COMEBACK too I am here for you and ready to help! All ya gotta do is reach out your hand. I don’t care how long ago we started talking about this, nows the time! I’m all the ‘proof’ you need that our products and system WORKS. 10 days folks. That includes a 3 Day Cleanse to clean my palate which worked straight up miracles! My food all tastes incredible and it’s HEALTHY! Imagine yourself in 83 days! What’s it gonna be? 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼😅👭💆🏻

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September vs Now | Because journeys aren't always a steady progress. Haven't been very careful with my food and have not been training much at all since mid-October '16... Gained 8 pounds and feeling bloated all the time. Switching gyms in a bit, that other gym I had signed up made me so unhappy that I completely lost motivation. Signing up to #YMCA near my house this coming Friday! Beach body will be back in no time :D I don't consider #stepbacks as failures. I don't feel like I failed myself or anything. Life just isn't always full of motivation and focus all the time. Outside of fitness and mealprepping I got 619754 other things going on and sometimes, those things take over for a bit. That's okay!
Gym pics coming back soon yay! 🙌 #progress #transfotmationjourney #weightlossjourney #fitness #mtlfitness #fitfam #womenfitness

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It’s time to step out of denial. It’s time to tell the truth and it’s time to do something about this. It’s time for my COME BACK after my PULL back. It’s time to overcome again. Yes I lost 107 lbs, Yup I gained about 30 back last year. Yeah it kills me to admit it. But you know what makes me proud as heck?!? That I haven’t QUIT! I didn’t gain back more than I lost. I didn’t give up on myself or this journey. I’m strong enough to STAND back up. I’m brave enough to ADMIT that I slid. I’m faithful enough to believe God has so much more for me. I’m determined enough to make it happen. I’m smart enough to use the tools I already have that I know work. I’m connected enough that my fit fam won’t let me go. I’m loved enough just the way I am. I’m forgiven enough to let go of my setback. I’m graceful enough to help others who have been in my shoes. I know how it feels to STRUGGLE with weight loss and food. It’s not a diet. It’s a ‘Mission’. Have you ever lost weight and then gained it back? Are you a human being? Are you ready for a come back? Message me if you want more info about how I lost the weight and will continue to lose what I gained back. Don’t just watch. Do it with me! 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼😅👭✅

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Yup getting out of bed in the morning is HardAH. BUT I love my time with God. I love my preworkout drink. I love my early morning workouts!! I love my people. I love this LIFE. I’m not saying it’s easy but it is definitely worth it. 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼👭😅✅👏🏼

D I A N N A L Y N N 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼 (@lifewithdiannalynn)

Time to start planning out my month, quarter and year! I’m super excited for 2018. I just KNOW it is going to be an awesome year. I KNOW this to be true because I am going to MAKE it HAPPEN. I had a VERY challenging year in 2017. I learned A LOT. I grew a lot! I changed a LOT. I am a better and stronger person for every single one of those lessons. Those of you who know or follow me know that I struggled with weight gain last year. And I do mean STRUGGLED. How can this be happening? I’m a freaking Health Coach for crying out loud. How can I be gaining weight when I exercise 6 days a week AND still drink my Superfood shake every single day? And seriously, why did my back give out for like 3 months? Why do I have to deal with so much pain every day? Why can’t I just eat like I am supposed to? Why am I not further along in my Coaching career? Why am I still single? All questions I ask myself on the daily. Why?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️Because it’s not my TIME yet. Because God knows I needed to learn, grow and change in other areas. And I certainly HAVE. My transformation goes WAY deeper than what you see on the outside. That’s the kind of growth I teach as a Coach. That’s the kind of growth this world NEEDS. That’s the kind of growth that makes this a LIFESTYLE change, not a ‘diet’. No matter what ANYone thinks or says about me... I’m NOT giving up. I’m climbing every mountain before me and this ‘pullback’, ‘setback’, ‘step back’, or whatever ya wanna call it, is ONLY going to make me stronger! Do I ‘want’ to quit and run and HIDE?? Yeah. Yes I do. But will I?? HECK to the NO. Cus I’m stronger than that now. I’m braver than that now. And I’m more determined than that now. How?? Cus that’s what God wants so He gives me the strength. So grateful for that! Do you feel me on that? Realize, it’s gonna be okay. Better than okay. We just have to take one step and then the other. It’s not HARD. It’s just the journey we are ALL on. No matter what your struggles. Know that we are only Human. 🙋🏻🙏🏻✌🏼💗💪🏼😅💆🏻

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Dog sitting..... at first I was like oh cute doggie yoga, and then after he licked his butt he licked my face now I’m like 🤮
He goes home on Saturday. And has cured my desire for getting a puppy 🤪
PS if you’re in PERTH check out @elan.dance.est - cool merch and even cooler classes 😎
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Punch step backs out of the mid post area. On the catch use a reverse pivot to get in a triple threat position, keep the ball on the hip. Punch the ball into the floor and push off the inside foot quickly to get into the shot.
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