Andrea A. Moore (@iamandreaamoore)

I've used my past as my crutch for so long. That I forgot me. ✔️I prayed and no action.
✔️I cried and wiped my own tears.
✔️I've written down my thoughts yet still lost.

When I realized what I been through was holding me I had to self evaluate before I completely self-distruct. ✔️I forgave myself for allowing me to drown in my past. ✔️I linked up with those who tormented me and forgave them. ✔️I even treated myself to a Growth Dinner (s/o to Olive Garden lol). Everyday I vowed and put into action that I will not allow my past to be my crutch. 🔶️Totally embraced it🔶️ Doors started opening.
I sure did walk through some of them. ✔️Followed my soul.
✔️Allowed my spirit to lead me.
✔️Since then nothing but greatness has happened.

In 2015-2016 things just stayed afloat
In 2017 by 2nd quarter I achieved all of my yearly goals.
By 3rd quarter I was already achieving part of 2018 goals.

For those that are still sitting and thinking but ain't moving.

Your time is now! "I would forgive others but never forgave me. When I looked in the mirror and said Andrea I forgive you for allowing this pain to hinder your growth. I knew the spirit within me would guide me into the right direction." Andrea A. Moore

Niasia Brown (@siimply_nanaa)

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Inspire Book Box (@inspirebookbox)

A sneak peak at our packing night. Yes we have now moved out of the lounge room and into the garage 😂😂. Our Bigger And Many Hands are on the way to their little readers and our Little Hands will leave tomorrow ☺️
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Champion Up (@championup1000)

It was a fantastic moment spending time at Oishei Children’s Hospital. I love to read to children and watch their eyes open to all possibilities. The smiles on the faces of the children and parents is a memory I will never forget. The children are our future. Let’s empower them with the importance, joy and power of reading. They are never defined by their circumstances. Let’s Champion Up our children to a brighter future. #oisheichildrenshospital #student #studentlife #education #service #childrensbooks #love #storytime #believeinyourself #positivevibes #positivity #sundayfunday #give #inspirational #inspiration #championup #champion #instagood #instafollow

Eastern Regional Libraries (@yourlibraryerl)

Super pretty cupcakes for Fairies and Cupcakes storytime at Lilydale Library on Friday! Gorgeous work as always by @pointofview.lilydale 💗💫

i'm||just||sad (@bethxcabrera)

My whole 6th grade class were scum everyone pretty much knew who I liked and everyone knew who my friend liked who was my crushes bestfriend. So as a joke they told her he liked her and she cried all day to find out it was a joke. Then after school a girl that I short of talked to as friend, but was one of my bullies came up to me telling me my crush at the time liked me I saw him looking "bashful" and I knew what was going on so basically I was like screw you jerks and my crush at that time you guys are horrible.
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I’m coughing hella all over the place what the fuck -angela

Jennifer Angelson (@zenjenn_444)

“Flexing some spiritual muscles and a lesson learned” 🔮

Today a friend and I had a beautiful morning at the beach 🏖️. We meditated and I decided to give my crystals an ocean clense. Long story short, Two of my crystals got washed away by the beautiful tide.
My friend felt bad, he knew the connection I had with one of them. I knew in my heart it was okay and the universe had its reasons. I told him (as I was trying to convince myself. as well) 😂 “ it’s okay, it will return tenfold.” When I got home I opened a drawer that I open every day. There stood a crystal necklace that was gifted to me during a spectacular spiritual practice, this necklace meant everything to me. It had been missing for months.
Today I learned about the cycles of life. Letting go and that the source may not give me what I want. But will always give me what I need!
I know the lost crystals will find a beautiful new beginning as well. 💚🌟🌞🌊 #love #light #newbeginnings #namaste #crystals #meditation #energy #oceanbeach #mothernature #lifelessons #spiritual #awakening #starseed #indigo #enlightenment #sunday #morningmeditation #earth #wind #grateful #soul #instagood #storytime

Jordan (@jmccallister)

About a month and a half ago i was let go from a job that i loved. Probably the best job i ever had. It anchored me to central PA because it felt more like a calling than a job and even though my long term plans didn’t include a career in social work, i wanted to see it through.
Fast forward to now and I am moving across the country to Atlanta, GA. i have many mixed feelings because i love this region and i love all of you that are here with me. Stories and life lessons were written here and carved from the the very sweat of my brow. There are many memories, much grief and healing, and very few, but so sweetly treasured, life long friendships.

This quote seems particularly fitting as often times building my life here felt like “going against the grain” and “climbing up hill”. A close friend once told me: maybe this is not where He has you - and that has been confirmed in multiple ways.
Many of you know that a dream of mine has been to ultimately end up where my sister is because we want to be able to raise our families together. So here we go! Saddened to say goodbye, excited to create a new story 💜