Quando você encontra um sonserino na turma que ama #love #strangerthings #slytherin #varinhacombr

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It’s tursday.
Mom: y/n! Get up! Millie’s going to be here in 15 minutes!
y/n: ugh, I’m on my way!
You get dressed (swipe) and eat your breakfast, while Millie arrives.
Millie: Hurry! We’ve got to go to school!
y/n: Let me eat, otherwise I’m grumpy for the whole day.
Millie: eat as much as you want!
You both laugh.
Mom: Hey Millie, How are you?
Millie: Great, how are you Mrs. y/l/n?
Mom: Good, but you have to call me y/m/n
Millie: Sorry, I forgot.
y/n: I’m finished!
Millie: Great, let’s go!
y/n: Bye mom!
Mom: Bye sweetheart!
While walking to school.
Millie: you look cute today.
y/n: shut up.
Millie: We’ve got to get you some Bitchin’ clothes!
y/n:*laughs* please stop with your Bitchin’
At school
Sadie: ugh look who we have here.
Millie: We’ve got me, y/n and a psycho bitch.
Sadie: There aren’t too of you Brown.
Millie: I know, then I would say: ‘we’ve got me, y/n and my twin.’ With psycho bitch I ment a girl, but I forgot her name.
y/n: wasn’t it, uhm uhm, Sadie Sink?
Sadie: Shut your mouth, both of you.
Millie: Can’t we just go to our class?
y/n: Without you?
Sadie: Go ahead Mrs. Slut.
y/n: love you too Mrs. Sink!
You and Millie laugh, again.
Millie: Ugh, I really hate that girl.
y/n: yea, me too.
Millie: I’ve got English now.
y/n: I’ve got Spanish.
Millie: Meet me after school at my locker, so we can go to the mall, okay?
y/n: Sure, see you later!