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Chapter 1: Meeting my idol
I watched stranger things right when it came out. I'm 13 so I thought Noah was pretty cute. I didn't know any of their names, but I knew there faces, someone made an edit and in the description of it it said their names and etc. I clicked Noah just to see which one he was. To my surprise he was Will Byers. After that I followed all of them and liked all their pictures. Until one day Noah posted a video saying the winner of a contest will get to meet him for free. Immediately made a video and and posted it, the first week was pretty chill, nothing happened until one day when I got home from school I saw I was tagged in a photo. One of Noah's photos. It was a screenshot from the video I made saying I was the winner and on June 6 he would fly me out and I got to hang out with him and his friends for a whole week.
On June 6th I woke up at 5:00 am just to pack. I got dressed (swipe) ate breakfast and headed to the airport with my friend Lila. She got me on the flight and then I wouldn't be seeing her for a whole week. The flight was 6 hours long so I downloaded some shows and movies off of Netflix. I later fell asleep, when I woke up there was a flight attendant shaking me to get up. I left and got an Uber to Noah's house. I arrived and was super nervous. Like my stomach was full of butterflies. I knocked and held my breath, the door opened. I stuck my hand out to shake his hand but instead he hugged me.
Noah- Hi you must be Y/N!
Y/N- Yep that's me.
Noah- Come in!
I couldn't believe it I was in Noah schnapps house. Spaghetti his dog ran up.
Noah- Mom this is Y/N she will be staying with us for the week.
Went you got up to his room you did a livestream. People asked "who is this girl?" " must be his girlfriend!"
Noah- Everyone this is Y/N she will be staying with me for the week.
He guest called fans and Gaten, people were shipping us and made things awkward.
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