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can you believe the Duffer Brothers came up with the concept of love triangles? iconic. (I’m sorry the loop is really crappy!!) #strangerthingstv #strangerthingsedit #strangerthingsedits #strangerthings #stevenancyjonathan #steveharrington #jonathanbyers #nancywheeler #throuple #lovetriangle

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#eleven11grp is recruiting! ✯
- must be following the leaders @stranger_pennywises @strngerdayss
- tag 3 editors who you think would like to join
- tag your edits (multifandom) with the hashtag #eleven11grp
- due april 1st! (we won't play any jokes on you -)
- good luck! β™‘
- #omgpage #edits #edit #plottwist #l4l #F4F #followforfollow

maggie πŸ¦‹ (@honestlymillie)

ilysm millie and i never cease to say that i am so proud of you. everything you’ve done. everything you’ve accomplished. all the awards. all your projects. E V E R Y T H I N G. you make us so entirely happy. i couldn’t imagine living this life without you. you make my heart beat 200 times faster when i see a picture of you or watch an interview etc. i will repeat this over and over. i. am. so. freaking. proud. of. you. i seriously am. most people in this world who have accomplished as much as you have took years and years. you’ve only needed 14. 14 years was all it took for you to be on once upon a time. 14 years was all it took for you to be on intruders. 14 years was all it took for you to be on stranger things. 14 years was all it took for you to win a sag award. 14 years was all it took.
you show us that we matter. that we have a voice and we can do whatever we want. you showed us that we are entitled to our own opinions and we can do or say whatever. you inspire me and so many other people. everyday your energy makes me happy and determined. i am so happy to say that I am alive at the same time as millie. bobby. brown. man, i can’t wait to hug you in 8 months. – all my love, maggie β™‘