Charles (@charles.febrer)

lacking motivation


Women's March / SJ

Tony (@juiceboxtony)

Hey 90s kids who else loves #techdeck

A. M. B (@throughthe_3ye)

According to the community and instagram this is my #bestnine2017 shots, Las Vegas to Miami. Besides the zine I Don't know what 2018 has to offer. Until then we'll just see.. #keepfilmalive #keepcreating


Let your smile change the world

Emilio Marquez (@habitualphotos)

my heart is beating like the start at every xc race where I’m filled with adrenaline and ready to get this shitty race over with and eat something after. In about 3 hours I have one of my most controversial finals for philosophy. Its controversial because its all essay questions and I suck at timed writing but I need a good grade to keep my B. So yea I’m probably gonna be BSing my ass off. Hopefully all goes well, see you on the other side.