Johnny Rodriguez, ATC, CFSC (@johnny_flofitness)

Watching @flo_fitness dropping some knowledge bombs about injury prevention.

Shivooo 📍SF, CA (@bake_n_run)

My last run was a week ago exactly. Fell sick & the non running days I made sure to foam roll (even when I didn't want to), took shorter walks, did yoga, drank lot of 🍋 water to stock up on Vit c! Legs felt good today & I was doing well but after hitting mile 4, I fell pretty bad 😢& noticed my knees started bleeding & I walked the rest 2 miles back to work. 😑 bummer
On the bright side, saw a pretty beautiful sunset & met a furry pal 🐶
Also since it's #thanksgiving week,
I’m thankful for every fall & every twisted ankle, every bruise the concrete threw upon me. I’m thankful for my two feet, which propel me forward, stride after stride. .
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yogdini (@yogdini)

Day 3 of #kickoversnleftovers is #plyometrics and #quadstretch #hipflexors ✨
My pup thought me jumping around was playtime. Is it wrong to stop your plyometrics to slowjam with your pup? Also I️ never do plyometrics IRL so I️ tried to borrow the hosts moves but maybe I️ butchered them. I️ have a deep abiding love for cardio that I️ just can’t quit. But I️ like long, slow even cardio like distance running. This is all to say I’m a slow twitch muscle kinda girl and not fast twitch and bursts of speed and strength are so not my forte. I️ tried! This may be why my kickover game is weak. You know this and other reasons. ✨
Many thanks to the talented and inspiring hosts: 🤸‍♀️ @stretchylexi 🤸‍♂️ @throwin.shapes 🤸‍♀️ @bethanysmithyoga ✨
And many thanks to the awesome generous sponsors:
💙 @aloyoga 💙 @mantralaces 💙 @liforme ✨ ✨
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SPENGA North Shore (@spengans)

It’s officially holiday season, and you still have a chance to #RideRepRevive with us EVERYDAY this week! 🦃💚 Here’s our modified schedule... sign up quick, classes are filling up!
5:30am Laurel
8:30am Kathleen
9:45am Kathleen
12pm Heather
Thanksgiving Thursday!
7:15am Kathleen
8:30am Kathleen *90min (Sold out! Hop on the waitlist!) Friday:
8am Heather *90min
9:45am April
11am Caren
#SPENGA #spengans 🚴‍♀️🏋️️‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Sarah G (@sarahpole.g)

that's the way everyday goes,
every time we've no control,
if the sky is pink and white,
if the ground is black and yellow

Luke Buckby (@thekaizenmethod)

The Mighty Deadlift,

This is my second session back after about an 8 week break from Deadlifts, so I am happy with how this day progressed.

First set was 175 x 8 which is 4 reps shy of a PB,
Second Set was 180 x 5 which honestly reflects that I probably had more then 8 on my first set,
I am liking how this felt and how quickly it moved. As Deadlifts are a very true representation of Strength I am not disappointed with this for my second session back. Now to start setting PB’s again.
So here is the thing I took from my first set, Did I hit Physical Failure -FUCK NO, Mentally I did. Physically did I lose strength I would say a hard no but mentally I was not quite ready for the mental game you need to bring to Deads.