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I've often find my biggest lessons don't happen when my life is smooth sailing - it's when I'm deeply out of my comfort zone that I'm called to find a new way: a new perspective, a new strength, a new coping strategy, a new way to thrive. Chris & I haven't even hit the road yet, but this past week has already been hectic with most of our stuff packed & a kitchen (MY HAPPY PLACE!!) that's been disassembled. As someone who LOVES ROUTINE (I mean, like, really, really LOVES IT & thrives on it), I'm already being called to be more flexible: in my schedule, thinking & attitude. We're going to be on the road for about a month, staying with family, friends, in Air BnBs, hotels, etc. so I have two choices: freak out about the lack of routine & access to the familiar, or make the most of my new, changing environments, remaining flexible & open to ENJOYING the changes in routine (hello, visiting family, sleeping in, hitting up new GROCERY STORES, seeing new places, exercise classes, etc!! πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ½), finding peace & comfort from breathing & looking within, no matter what's happening outside & around me. Happy Monday, loves - wishing you all a week full of flexibility, strength & love, from the inside-outπŸ™πŸ½βœ¨πŸ’›βœŒπŸ½ . . .
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I had to repost this on this Insta because it's necessary. 🍩🍩🍩 Look at the size of this thing. I had an awesome birthday, thank you all for the birthday love!!! @doughnutsanddeadlifts

Amber (@astackfit)

Hamstrings and glutes doneβœ”οΈ added in some band work and hip thrusters at the end for and extra burnπŸ”₯
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Dana Rasmussen (@danamrasmussen)

Had a good time training with the Jungle Cats. It rained super hard last weekend so we learned how to adapt to our given environment. πŸ’¦

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Change on the outside won't happen without a change on the inside! Fueling my body with good nutrition on the inside is helping me reach my fitness goals but it doesn't stop at good nutrition!

My mind and heart also need to be in the right place if I am going to see the change on the outside that u want to see! That's were daily personal development comes in, nutritious food for my mind and heart, helping me to grow everyday!

EAT that FROG is what I am working through now! We all have FROGS in our lives, those things that appear on our list but keep getting pushed down because we are avoiding them. Often these frogs are the most important things that we should be doing...for me working out and cleaning the shower were my frogs.
Today I ate both my frogs, I woke up and worked out and after that I got the shower cleaned!!! The rest of the day is smoother sailing know that I didn't again push them off!! What are your FROGS? Is it workouts, meal prep, answering those work emails, doing laundry, or washing the car? Whatever it may be, EAT that frog, you will be better for it!!!

aubree.nichols (@aubree.nichols)

I've always hated how muscular my arms were because I thought it meant I wasn't feminine. Even though Linda Hamilton made 'guns' cool in Terminator 2, I've longed to be lanky vs strong. I hesitated to post this pic until @livinlikelarz (who may be my spirit animal) told me with all 22 years of her wisdom that #strongisbeautiful - I'm sick of hating on what God gave me. It's not about my arms- strong or otherwise- it's about my soul, my heart, my spirit. This year, I AM focusing on my divinity, loveliness and purpose.

Team J O Y (@teamjoy)

Started #bodybeast this morning! Can't wait to see some definition in the guns! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #beachbodycoach #getfit #strongissexy #mondaymotivation