Maryam (@itsmmaryam)

Guarded. Grateful. Growing. Humble. Happy. Healing.

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Russia, Kazan (@anutamellow)

И наконец этот последний/ сложный/ужасный семестр закончился😜наконец я дома, наконец отдыхаю 🙌 Студенты, кто закрыл сессии, дайте пять😎✋
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Live to help drop a message 👇 (@sarah_hedrick_)

Reunited and feels so good 😏 I have been out of preworkout for way way way to long ! I finally ordered some a few days ago and it feels like Christmas now that it's here . This stuff is a life saver and it's probably the only way I will get through early morning workouts during the week ! Anyways time for me to down this b**** and make up a workout or two ! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻