Esra Alhamal | إسراء الهمل (@islamicillumination)

My heart is saying yes, but my brain is saying no! I can’t do any art this week, I need to be researching contemporary Islamic art and all the discussions in between! Reading dry academic papers is so draining! Pray for me peeps! .
ودي بس الهوى ضدي 😂 هالأسبوع لازم أركز على شغل الجامعة وما أضيع وقت بأي شي فني بس البحث يتعب الأعصاب! أدعوا لي أعدي هالمرحلة 🙃💀

The Hive Eugene (@thehiveeugene)

It's time! Call and get on the #waitlist to hear about available units BEFORE they go on the market! OR tell your friends, #Ducklings! There's a referral bonus to our current residents for EACH person you send our way who moves in! 💸💰🤑 Call for details!! Talk to you soon! 💛💚🦆😎 #livethehivelife #thehiveeugene #studenthousing #studentlife #eugeneoregon #uofo #uoforegon #offcampuslife #offcampushousing

Libby (@heels_ate_my_homework)

Bright and cheerful for a rainy day 😁